Gunnar Optiks Advanced Computer/Gaming Glasses

What about people who already wear glasses and don’t prefer wearing contact lenses?

I would like to know too, can these get scripted afterwards? Do I still have to take them to the authorized sellers, what will that cost?

you can get them made to your prescription

That’s a great question - I don’t have glasses, but a lot of my gamer friends do.

I have a pair that I had made to my prescription. Check to see if there is an optomitrist in your area that sells these, they can order them in your prescription.

  1. These are just blue blockers. Basically shooting glasses made a bit more stylish (and probably not out of safety-rated glass).

  2. Blocking any part of the color spectrum may slightly improve acuity (in most situations, not just gaming) but it will probably also cause problems with some games (less visibility in the blue part of the spectrum).

For prescription Gunnars, you can also go to

Frames range from $78-$118. Lenses are extra. The Zeiss GUNNAR lenses for the frames are an extra $259. So prescription versions are NOT cheap. But if they work as advertised, they may well be worth it.

i want these so bad but they always pop up when im strapped and get sold out. sigh I guess i’ll just have to wait for next time.

I’ve seen these for sale several times. As someone who spends the majority of their day looking at monitors, what do these do? Filter everything into a yellowish tint?

What are these lenses doing that would help me see a monitor better?

I’m skeptical… what could filtering light through these yellowed lenses do that the monitor couldn’t do itself?

(I guess to put it another way… If it’s so much better, why wouldn’t monitor makers simply tint everything yellow right there on the monitor?)

I bought a set of the JEM the last time they were here. I had my eyes on Gunnars for some time, but couldn’t justify buying non-corrective lenses. for $30 I figured I could be in. I don’t wear glasses normally, though I’ve been thinking I might get my eyes checked. I tend to get oils and smudges from my face on the damn things, so I sprung for the cleaning supplies they have on the gunnars site. Wearing them all day, they tend to start cutting into the sides of my head above my ears. I might consider getting a more comfortable looking set, especially if when I get my eyes checked they give me a prescription. I haven’t noticed any decrease in eye strain, as it’s actually been a while since I quit WoW, but I can see tons of blue being reflected between the monitors and fluorescent lights here at work.

I bought these and they made me nauseous and caused more eye strain than without them.

The reason was there’s an undocumented magnification around the edge of the lens, I’m not sure why, so if you look straight through the edge of the lens your sight is very distorted. I was using a dual monitor setup so if I glanced at my 2nd monitor my vision would be distorted and doing this over and over caused the aforementioned symptoms. I started to adjust by moving my entire head instead of my eyes then my neck started to hurt, then I realized if I just took off the glasses all these problems went away. I returned the glasses that day.

The plus side of this is reading comments about these glasses led me to learn about Flux which is an application that does the same thing the glasses do and I love it.

I bought these glasses last time they were up here. I have to say that I haven’t noticed any improvement in my gaming experience. The only difference is a slight magnification and everything is in a yellow tint. The yellow tint is very very annoying, and where I do understand its purpose, I tend not to wear them because of it. I never had much of a problem with eye strain in the past, and if anything, the magnification strains my eyes out more.

So there’s my review, I’m sure its different for everyone, but I would suggest passing these up if you don’t tend to have problems with eye strain already.

I bought these the last time they came up and can confirm that the glasses are not consistently optically neutral across the lens. Stuff on the edges in particular gets weirdly warped.

Does anyone know the dimensions of these? I know the wi-five were a bit small when I tried them on.

Thank you for this post. I too, use 2 24" monitors all day and some nights, so you probably saved me all of the issues you had to endure. I have downloaded the Flux today, and will see if that helps me out at all.

Thanks again!

They have all the dimensions on the official site. For example: (lower right corner of page)

I’ve been using Gunnar Optiks for about a month now. When I intially researched them, the results were similar in that they may help someone a lot, and others none at all. I spend all day in front of a dual monitor setup at work, and since I’ve been staring so much at screens for the last year and a half, my vision in my right eye had blurred significantly. I’ll list what I think are some pros and cons:

-The pair I purchased are lightweight and overall pretty comfortable. I’m not a glasses wearer, so I wasn’t sure if they’d bother me, but I adapted pretty quickly.
-By the second day, I could feel my eyes far less tired. They used to ache a bit, but almost none at all now.
-The blurriness in my right eye went away almost entirely within a couple of days, although that can fluctuate some depending on how much rest I get.
-They also helped with spots. I used to see large vision floaters, and within a couple of days they were much less pronounced and fewer.
-The lenses are designed to resist the hypnotic effect of the light that emanates from alien spacecraft. That means that when the world is invaded, those of us with Gunnars will be immune to the effect of extra-terrestrials. And when they do come, they will likely search us out for advice because we look so cool wearing them.

-The frames on mine are pretty low quality. This is a major disappointment, since the frames on $15 sunglasses at Walmart are far superior. You may want to try a higher price pair for better quality.
-As mentioned above, they smudge very easily. They will smudge up even without touching them, so it’s probably a good idea to invest in a good cleaning cloth.
-As was pointed out above, they are designed to filter out blue coloring. Studies have shown that Gunnar wearers are 3x more likely to walk straight into bug zappers.

In short, I will probably buy another pair and sell my bug zapper. Those who have not seen any results might be due to other vision issues not related to eye strain, but these have been very effective for me. I paid a full $80 for mine at Best Buy, mostly because I was a bit skeptical as to whether they would work and I wanted to be able to return them easily, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Nice. These will sheild my eyes from newb juice splatter when I pwn them!

I have a pair Rx, I think the build may be a little different, as the lenses are made and then fit in by a Zeiss lab if I remember correctly. So I think you would need to see an optitrician for Rx.

Mine were mostly covered by my vision plan and I like them a lot - but these are my first prescription glasses.