Hammock Chair of Death - Two-Pack



Good for camping…


Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Hammock Chair of Death - Two-Pack
$29.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Hammock Chairs (Random Color Selection)


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I’m down for two. I love to sit.


Maybe it’s just me, but there is no way I am putting my butt in anything called the “chair of death”.



hmm possible death huh? the woots are finally getting interesting


this thing looks like it has dual function

one for public viewing one NOT for public viewing


what would you use those things for ? :slight_smile: hmmmmm I wonder


Common wisdom says that you only die once, but this is a 2-pack.

  1. Missing Minor Pieces: All this means is that the optional eye lag screw and s-bolt are not included, so you’ll have to use the accompanying length of rope to tie it to a sturdy limb (the default mounting method anyway). Or you can pay four or five times as much for the chairs with the screws. You buys your hammock chair and you takes your choice.

If they’re new, why are they missing pieces?


Im to young to die :frowning:


uuuhhh missing pieces and not knowing what color???..uhh not for mee…but you better buy em up…because they will be in your next bag o’ crap


That has got to be the best description ever…not really wanting the whole death-dealing deathtrap of a hammock anyways though.


Hurm. This looks interesting. Death by hammock is not the worst possible death. And if it was a hammock that cost very little to the end user? Well that’s just peachy!


WTF? A woot that cautions death?

I’ll wait for the Hemlock 2 pack™, thanks.


not gonna get this if its gonna kill me


Was hoping for something real nice today, however Hammock chairs just does not seem to fit the bill.


Actually an awesome price, even for one… but I don’t need Hammock chairs for $29.99


Anyone know how these things hang? I’d love to get them, but I’m not sure I have somewhere to put them.