Harbinger Sporting Gloves

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Harbinger Sporting Gloves
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I’d buy the fingerless if it didn’t mean i’d have to be in a dance off.

What was someone saying about turds?

If they run out of short finger in your size, just buy the full finger and cut off the tips, no no fingers is no excuse for no pair of gloves!


great long fingered gloves for downhill mountain biking, back ups at least…

The modest fingered ones would be perfect for Davos Seaworth.

i guess i can wear these the next time i play crapshoot…

Except the other gloves aren’t designed to have the tips cut off. They’ll end up fraying if you cut off the tips of the other gloves.


yep. another one floats to the top. Gloves. Come on.

no bag of crap today i think and a good night to all …

full finger (unavailable)

the blue short finger ($19)

Maybe we’ll get some seasoning made from onions!

I’ve recently had Carpal Tunnel surgery, and was told I should buy some fingerless gloves to help my hand heal. Perfect timing.

I think I should have included I was kidding, I don’t advise anyone to actually do that either. ^^;

“It was a rainbow coalition of daaancciinng.”

Indeed, a half hour of glove sales is not something i am prepared to handle at 1 AM. Goodnight all, may the screaming monkeys fly straight and true to your mailbox.

I love these gloves. Have a pair of red fingerless ones. Grabbing a couple pairs of the blue.

WTF! I just logge din to buy skullcandy earphons and it switched to these POS gloves! Not the first time woots pulled a quick one on me.