Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter

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New Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter, for $39.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Hawk Apache Double Prop R/C Helicopter

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PS: I got one of these RC helicopter in my first BoC several months ago (but it was incomplete and broken and looked like it had gone through a real war) - the build quality is PASS (but without mention), and the motor is rather powerful (it moves a huge amount of air when it’s flying)! Too bad I wasn’t able to fix it (which does mean something considering the time and patience I have put in trying) (so treat this as a disposable helicopter, like all the other cheap ones). I guess it’s OK for $39.99 considering that it’s still an upgrade compared to these el-cheapo RC helicopter that have been sold here previously for like $14.99 (this one has 2 motors, but it lacks a tail motor, which is a good thing because it makes it more robust). But it’s still not a $500 RC helicopter (the frame is all plastic) and I wouldn’t expect this to last for several years either (the propeller assembly is a bit weak and once it’s broken you have a dead helicopter) or to survive very harsh crashes (so be careful with it).

Very nice! This one I’m definately going to have to think about picking up.

Looks like fun. Kinda always wanted one to play with, but 45 is knda alot… isn’t it?

8 AA’s is a hell of a lot. Why not another rechargeable for the remote?
Still… pretty tempting

I wonder what’s the Maximum Takeoff Weight on this thing?
another word…can I add a small wireless camera on this? and fly off?

and what’s the max “remote control range”?

what happen once it’s out of range of remote? does it just keep flying or does it crash?

and yeah. what’s up with this 8 AA batteries? why not just use a 9 volts? or 2 of the 9 volts?..350 mAH for the main battery is kinda small…my cell phone battery is 1100…can i convert my cell phone better to use with this baby?

See the last posts from the last time woot sold these:


Looks like the worst helicopters woot has ever sold.

I bought one of these things when they were on woot a while ago. It came missing a screw that held the lower propeller blades on. So the first time I went to fly it, it took off, went all crazy, and then crashed. Upon examining the wreckage, it quickly came to my attention that the aircraft was beyond repair. The missing screw was listed as the cause in the official report. The black box was never recovered.

I looked for a very long time to try and find the phone number for the company that makes these helicopters so I could exchange it for a new one, but they don’t have a web page, and no phone number or address is listed anywhere on the box or instruction manual. So I ended up getting a refund from woot.

The one and ONLY plus side to this helicopter is that the instruction manual was translated from Japanese (and poorly might I add), so it proves to be a very entertaining read.

i bought this while back, very fun, but the battery is crap. i got maybe 2min run time on a fully charged battery. beware that if you hit this into anything chances are vary high that propeller assembly will brake, i ve already went through 3 replacement parts

Hmm…I wonder how well this would work at chasing my neighbor’s cats. :slight_smile: [insert evil laugh here]

Looks like the same one I bought during a woot-off a couple months ago. Pretty crappy for $45 IMO.

No forward/backward control, just up/down and rotational (cw/ccw). Whether the copter goes forward or back depends on where the weight is.

Do not count on this surviving even a single mild crash…too many fragile moving parts. It’s nice that it comes with extra blades, but the linkages are the real weak point, and they cannot be replaced.

If you really want to try R/C helicopters, either buy one of the cheaper dragonfly-style copters, or save your pennies and buy a real R/C copter…at least for the latter you’ll be able to find replacement parts.

I have been into RC off road and on road cars and trucks for several years. I thought this might be fun to break into RC helis. I bought this a few months ago based on woot LYING and saying it is a 3-channel when is it NOT. (I see WOOT has changed the description since the last time it was posted) Once I got it I knew I made a mistake. It is IMPOSSIBLE to fly. I took it to a local hobby shop and they laughed at it - rightly so. But we did spend quite a long time trying to tweak it to get it to fly - IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTROL even for the very experienced fliers there. IT IS NOT a 3-channel heli. If you want a decent REAL 3-channel heli you can get a very nice one for only a few dollars more. I spent $65 and got a very nice 3-channel model that works great.

FYI: You can’t salvage RC parts from this heli when it breaks (the radio receiver is not standard and is not separate from the motor driver), apart from the battery.

Dude…a camera? FORGET THAT
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME - it’s not gonna happen - you can get a great picture of the POC crashing into the ground after 5 seconds.

This heli is a piece of crap!!! Not worth the money that you would spend on it. Some decent RC heli’s are at www.xheli.com that you could get for about the same price. Also spare parts are available.


My roommate bought one of these when it was on Woot. Apparently our experience was infinitely better than everyone else’s cause we successfully flew and (mildly) crashed the helicopter for a good twenty minutes before something propellery broke.

This is very misleading!!! It is not a full-function remote control. It is a two-channel. It goes up-and-down and rotates left-and-right. That’s it. There is no forward. That’s a flat-out lie.

The way this thing makes you think you’re controlling forward is that the battery is placed on the underside near front weighting it down more than the tail, thus angling the fuselage forward and since the bottom blade is fixed, it gets pulled forward. (The top one has the counter-pivot for stability by using the double-weight-bar (looks like a mini dumb-bell on the top blade) so it isn’t used for forward speed but rather for stability and to counter the lower blade for hovering. Actually, it even counters some of the forward motion thanks to the weight bar which is again used to stabilize the blades.)

So again, without either a horizontally-placed rear blade (ala the mosquito helicopter) or a motorized tilt mechanism of the main blade, this thing can’t be controlled to move forward or backward (or side to side). It just spins in both directions which when paired with the weighted battery gives you a very poor maneuverability.

It does send off as much air as a medum-sized room fan and watch out… those blades are extremely dangerous (they will take a chunk out of your skin at full speed) but it’s also because of them that this thing really does zoom up to incredible heights and rapidly, but again, without true forward controllability, watching the thing just go up and down while for the most part just spinning in place is not really that exciting.

Yes I know this because I bought two last time. Not even 5 minutes with the first which went straight up to about 80 feet, but since I couldn’t make it actually move, just spin, I helplessly watched as a slight breeze pushed it into a tree which I couldn’t divert away from since again, no forward control. It just helplessly spun in place until I realized it wasn’t going anywhere, cut the throttle and watched it get stuck in the tree needing ropes to get it down.

Didn’t even bother opening the other box. Figured I’d eBay it.

I bought one and I was very impressed with it - it flies REALLY well once you get the hang of it. The trouble is, its very very delicate. Make sure to learn how to fly it before you get near anything or something will break. I flew mine out of range and it fell straight down breaking in to a couple pieces. Was fun while it lasted.

I’m sad it doesn’t come with the army men…

Hey I got a broken one of these in a BOC, Tried to fix it, but the double prop was just too difficult to repair.

Oh well they don’t call it cr@p for no reason.