Hayward Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaners

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Hayward Above-Ground Automatic Pool Cleaners
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Above ground? Shouldn’t these be under water?

Why do these only work on above ground? I have a small 9500 gallon cement pool. Is there any reason that this product wouldn’t function in that setting? Its a really old pool from the mid 60s and to clean the bottom right now, I have to hook up a vacuum and I put that vacuum hose directly in the intake pipe that’s in the skimmer area.

So I don’t understand why this is only for above ground. Any help understanding that?

So these guys are very similiar to the Hayward Navigators with a bunch of interchangable parts. The parts that will wear down on these are not designed to be used with cement pools. They have cork feet that will be eaten up very quickly and the wings are much shorter and will wear down much faster. On top of that, they’re not designed to climb the walls of a curved pool like you would have in an in-ground.

For what it is worth I have one of these on my Intex above ground pool. If you have an above ground pool with the little fish tank pump that mounts on the side, forget it. Not enough suction to run the cleaner. I installed an external cartridge filter like this, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005QIYMNM/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

and now little Wanda works like a champ - keeping my pool perfectly clean for a couple years now. I am the envy of the entire trailer park!

I have the Diver Dave version of this cleaner (same guts, just a different outer shell). I’ve only had it a few weeks but it does a great job on my 24’ round above ground pool. With a 1 1/2 hp pump, it cleans the entire bottom in about 2 hours. The supplied hose reaches all parts of my pool, but if your pool is larger than that, you may have to buy extra hose lengths.

Does this come with the hose? Can’t find out this important detail on Woot or Amazon… If not, what kind of hose would it use? One piece, segmented?

Edit: I see from the manual it is segmented, and would suggest it comes with the cleaner, would feel much better if it was listed in the “In the Box:” area…

I have an intex 18 foot Ultra frame pool. what do you mean by the fish tank pump? I’m wondering if it would work with mine.

Does this stay hooked up to the pump system all the time or is it designed to be put in the pool in the for a cleaning and then removed until needed again?

My experience from a Hayward and a Barracuda MX8 pool cleaner: In general, you leave them in all the time. Sometimes when we have a lot of people in the pool and/or doing some kind of pool game (baseball, volleyball, marco polo), we take it out to give more room and not get caught in the hose. BUT, you want to make sure your pump does not turn on while it is disconnected, as on mine, the flap door closes and there would be no water sucked in (probably bad). The directions on my Barracuda did say to remove it if you shock the pool.

So, the best way to think of this is it’s just like your current vacuum head, just without the pole. You attach it to your normal vacuum port, attach the hose, drop it in, and walk away. Since that “port” is normally your skimmer basket in an above ground pool, you would lose that level of filtration if you left it in long term.

For a mini review, I found that more often than not, I would come back to find it had tipped over, become snagged, or simply missed entire sections of my 22’ round pool. So after it ran, I would need to switch out to my normal vac head to finish the job. I didn’t see the point of the two tools and ended up ditching it after less than a full season.

That’s a very good summary. Similar results with our pool. We usually use it only when really pressed for time, figuring that maybe it will do about half of the vacuuming for us, and all we will have to do is finish the job.

Thank you for the help RogerB.

I’ve been using the ladybug for 4 years and really love it. I do not leave it attached. I hook it up to my skimmer once every week or so depending on how dirty the bottom of the pool is. Works better than a vacuum on a pole.

I have a Hayward 27’ pool and the included hose was enough to reach the whole pool. The only issues I have are:

  1. Make sure the pool toys are picked up. It will easily clog on a goggle strap, fin, etc.
  2. Leaves will easily clog it as well. Use your pole and the net to scoop out the leaves first.
  3. Needs good suction from your pump to work effectively.

I have not used the pole vacuum since I bought this. Sometimes the bug will need a little TLC if it gets clogged, but this can be done from outside the pool. Most of the time I set it up, let it run overnight, and then pack it away till the next use.

Thanks, this is very helpful.

I think I may be leaning towards a hand help pool vacuum, thanks for the help.

Now to make a purchase decision, thank you.