HELLA Loud Super Tone Electric Horn

HELLA Loud Super Tone Electric Horn

Ok so I look under specifications…and it doesn’t even list the DB @ what distance…how can you put up a spec page without the most important specification of a noise making product? Sorry but LOUD doesn’t cut it.

found this spec:
High tone: 500 Hz - Low tone: 300 Hz - Sound level: 118 dB(A) - Voltage: 12Volts. ECE-R28 approved

on this page:

Be sure and listen to the youtube videos of this horn. It sounds like an import car horn which is hella loud, but to me I didn’t like.

  • Also, arugula is my favorite vegetable that sounds like an old-timey car horn when you say it.

Does anyone know if this is for a pair of the Hella Super Tone horns or is this just one single horn?
If its a single horn, is it the high tone or the low tone?

i would believe the pic and expect only one. hope my links did not add confusion. i was only attempting to find similar horn for the specs.

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@defiantone Your links did not add any confusion. I was just curious as to whether this is for the high & low tone horn set, or just one single horn. I have purchased a set in the past from amazon that came with a high and low tone horn.

@Woot do you know if this is for a pair or one single horn?

This comes with a set of two! We updated the listing, thank you for bringing up the question!


I have these on my car. They’re much louder than the meep meep horn that it originally came with.


Nice. The two horns sound pretty good together.
12v, 66w. That’ll be under 6 amps.
Make sure your horn circuit has a 6+ amp fuse.
Think I’ll get these for my tractor.


does this come with the relay?

Our buyer is better at Google than me. She said, according to the Q&A section of this page, it does NOT come with the relay.

I have them in my car. Quite a bit louder than stock. I went with the Hellas because the train horn I got wouldn’t fit under the hood of my Fiesta :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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I hear ya.

/Get it? :smiley:

Does it also come with a universal mounting bracket of some kind?

Isn’t that what the silver things are with the hole in them?

I got my Hella horns today I bought from woot a few days ago.
It DOES come with a 12v 30A relay and both horns have a very sturdy bracket.

Well installed them and even had my car mechanic neighbor help me and no sound!