HELLA Loud Super Tone Electric Horn

HELLA Loud Super Tone Electric Horn

I bought this back in December when the price was a buck cheaper. There are two horns in the kit, and they are BIG, nearly 5.5" in diameter. I was able to put a two-lead splice into my existing horn circuit and IIRC I didn’t need an additional relay but I did up the fuse from 10a to 15a.

And they are loud. Perfect for getting the attention of earbud-wearing|head-bent-over-smartphone pedestrians too self absorbed to realize they are crossing against the light … ;-}


Your vehicle’s fuse? What gauge is the wiring?

Why? If you go by the 66W rating of the entire kit it comes out to 5.5A for both horns.

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Does it do any other sounds?

Thanks, it implies there’s two, but only shows one, and those Hella’s are supposed to be in a hi/lo pair. In for two (pair).

It would be nice if there were some more specs in the specs such as size of each horn, weight, decibel rating, etc.

Hi there. Most items on Clearance are from Amazon overstock and aged inventory so we don’t have a lot of information on them.

Here it is on Amazon:

The horn wiring and circuitry I hijacked is probably 12-14ga.

I up’ed the fuse after the prior one blew. Sure, it’s anecdotal evidence, and while I believe in “science” as much as the next guy :wink:, I went with what worked.

P.S. Only the dome light and trunk light share this circuit, so I’m pretty confident I didn’t not “overtax” the wiring or these lights…

Ok. If it’s 14 gauge, the 15 amp fuse is the highest you should go safely. Hopefully no connectors or splices in there rated for lower than 15 amp fuse or they could heat up and fire time.

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Got mine yesterday. I’m pretty sure this is my first Woot that’s ever arrived while the sale was still running! 3 day delivery from Woot? That’s just not right!

It is both horns, a relay, and a little Hella sticker. The instructions are on the box, so don’t throw it away too fast.

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Ever heard of Google?