Hidden Wolf

I see it! I see it! Very clever…I approve!

ashamed…that took me way too long to find.

It is really easy to see when the picture is small :smiley:

I didn’t see it till I looked at the thumbnail!

Great design!

Really cool concept. I guess Red Riding hood figured out that he wasn’t her grandma, so the wolf had to find some new trickery.

Well done, very well done!

Spoiler: For those who can’t find it, try looking at the tree branches. Make a line around all of their tips. Ta-da!

Ugh. Still don’t see it.

luv’d the ninja ridin hood / this caught me in a same way / i had to re - see it / sold tha deal

And somehow there is both grace and a howl in the stillness of the branches. A fairy tale shirt I’m actually considering acquiring.

Oh… just got it. :slight_smile: Standing right there the whole time. Clever.

Thanks! I needed that tip!

I would almost like this better without that red hooded girl there. But then I suppose it wouldn’t have worked for the derby theme. Anyways, happy to see this one print!

Oh and White Fang is a vastly superior wolf story, don’t be bunching in with all those other inferior ones.

Brilliant idea, gorgeous execution. I might take a sharpie and write in"hidden wolf"!!!

I’d love it if it weren’t for that Red Riding Hood… we need a “clean” version!

What literary classic would it been then?

It would simply be a cleverly designed shirt. Or White Fang. Either way, it would look better.

“I am the Bad Wolf.” -RT