Hotel Luxe Down-Alt Gel Soft Pillow

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Hotel Luxe Down-Alt Gel Soft Pillow
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Howdy! We are the proud manufacturer of these pillows and will be checking out the forum all day. So if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask and we will respond asap.
Happy Huntings!!

How do these compare in stiffness to memory foam pillows?

I’ve ordered pillows from woot before, and they were TOO stuffed. Is there a way to remove some stuffing if these pillows are too big?

Hi Prinko, these pillows are filled with a very fine poly microgel fiber, which feels very much like real Goose Down. They do not emulate memory foam at all. Hope this helps!

Hi opack, today’s pillows being offered in the deal are actually soft and are not overstuffed. We recommend them for stomach sleeper or anyone who prefers a soft mushy pillow. They feel very much like a goose down pillow but are hypoallergenic and vegan friendly.
You will not be able to add or remove the fill from this pillow.
Hope this helps!

Are these recommended for side sleepers?

Hi KidKobun,
These are mostly recommended for stomach sleepers, however, if you are a side sleeper that likes a softer pillow we do recommend these.
Hope this helps!

Are these machine washable? If so, can they be dried in a dryer?

Thanks! Good honest answers.

With a CPAP, stomach is out. Side sleeping is tough but I am one. If I sleep on my back, these would be great though.

Hi Killerinsideme,
Yes! These pillows are indeed machine washable and you can dry them in the dryer (use a low hear setting)
Hope this helps!

Hi, is there something i can swap these for? i went all in and purchased the 4 pack and they are pretty much unusable to me. I am not saying they are not good, just not for me. Each pillow is super thin, at any given spot i can rub two fingers together through the pillow. They lay very flat and nothing like the picture, not expanding they fabric they are in at all. If there is another type of pillow you offer, i would like to swap if possible, thank you.