Household Essentials Multipurpose Holder

Household Essentials Multipurpose Holder

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What we old folks call a magazine holder.


Why do i want to call it a banana hammock?

Or where my grandmother put the Enquirer newspaper for everyone to read about the Alien of the week.

My grandmother used to sew the paper together on the middle fold because my grandfather hated the paper coming apart. That’s true love right there.


Oh, woot-off is getting angry about the BOCs again and not creating threads.


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Eh, wasn’t time for me to get one anyway. I got halfway to checkout and then realized I was signed until the wrong account. Predictably, Amazon Pay stole the BOC

I love you Woot. But good f****** lord Amazon Pay is dogshit. Can I make a 2nd account not tied to my amazon at all? Much rather use that on here. @ThunderThighs

I wanted to post that I got one! :sob:

Congrats. I linked it to this thread:


That used to be possible, but it was changed last year.

I love posting my BOC when it comes in and to see what other people have gotten as well.

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I signed in under Woot this time instead of Amazon and it doesn’t prompt you to pay for Amazon pay because you already have your card under the Woot account and it processes faster.

When you log out, does it give you the option to log in with Woot and Log in with Amazon?

If so, log in with woot and set up your payment and address. BOCs ship for free, but nothing else does.

Yup, I came here to cry.

Yea it does, but figured it wouldn’t let me use the email I’m already using for Amazon.

I have the same email set for both. I think they are completely separate.

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when BoC?

Why would you want a blanket of chickens?

warm, fuzzy, good alarm clock

Absolutely use woot login if you are trying for boc