How Rainbows are Made

Reminds me of the Royal Rainbow from the PS2 game Katamari Damacy.

Leprechauns… Irish… Drunks… Rainbows… Alcohol… THERE ARE TOO MANY CONNECTIONS HERE OH MY GOD

I knew I had too much cyan!


Clouds are such light weights.

Ha. I’m clever.

Didn’t anyone tell him that when you combine Skit****tles and Tequila, you re-taste the rainbow?

Edit: Word filter fail

Gives a whole new meaning to “Taste the rainbow.”

So that makes that pot o’ gold I found made of… OH MY GOD.

Then again, it would explain that alcohol smell on me pot o’ gold!

hahah that’s hilarious!!

Not in for one. This shirt hits a little too close to home … except the cloud isn’t weeping uncontrollably, and there aren’t at least half a dozen other clouds glaring at it with scorn and disgust.

perhaps that’s how rainbows are made, but where does the lightning bolt come out of them?

They copied a warehouse comic. Although still funny.

I wish this was chosen during its derby… How can I show it off to friends now that school is over?

awww hek yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is me the first time I got drunk…except there were no rainbows…and I was in my underwear on the bathroom floor, crying…

Copied a lot of things, imo. Never liked this shirt design from the beginning.


If overconsumption of alcohol results in the magical ability to puke rainbows, sign me up! It’s got to be one of the greatest party gags ever.

Is it possible to get some type of confirmation as to what type of alcohol clouds drink?

This design inspired me to become a raging alcoholic.