How to get square trade warranty for Woot stuff

I’m trying to get a Square Trade warranty for my latest Woot purchase.
I’ve read here how it’s supposed to work, but I can’t get anything to pop up on my screen to choose the warranty.

How do I contact someone?
I sent an email to Woot help, but no response.



Hi there. If we’re offering SqTr for an item, there will be a widget at the top of the features. Unfortunately, it requires Flash (I know but SqTr owns that widget) so move to a device that supports Flash.

If you’re not seeing the widget, link the sale here and I’ll take a look. Item must retail for more than $49.

TT, use your weight. You are Amazon! It’s ridiculous that ST can’t give you a normal working link.

Hehe. As if I could pull that weight. I’ve been asking for people to look at it since February.

HOWEVER! We are finally looking at it and will hopefully have some solution before the end of the year.

All those of us here at woot know how important you are personally, but with woot being part of Amazon, you would think they would have some pull.

Amazon doesn’t care about our day-to-day operations. And we definitely don’t get to borrow developer resources from them.

I’m sorry. I understand that. I used to work for CompUSA. We had stock options and gifts depending on how long you worked there. Then they went all corporate and started laying off the good sales people and we’re bought out by the Sears Mexico guy who basically gutted us and ended up selling us to Tiger Direct for basically our name. They shut all the stores down.
Big companies suck. You guys have lasted longer toner than us, so there’s hope at least.

Hopefully this has changed since you posted it because Adobe is ending Flash support on December 31, 2020 and it will be completely uninstalled from browsers by a Windows update on the same day.

Our team is still looking into how to update the widget. LOL.

16 business days left, plenty of time. :laughing:

¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

Hello! Has there been any resolution to this matter?
I also need to buy a ST protection for an OLED TV I just bought and I can’t find anyway any link!..

Hi there. We do not have a resolution yet. We’re looking at various options but we’re not there yet. I’m sorry.