HP 14" Dual-Core 16GB SSD Chromebook

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HP 14" Dual-Core 16GB SSD Chromebook
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I had one of these (4gb LTE version from Costco) for the first 3 months of this year and absolutely loved it. Returned it (1) b/c I picked up a refurb Acer c-720 for $149 and (2) I really want the next gen Samsung due out any day now…but I was about …this close to keeping it. Getting $400 back at Costco was too much to overlook, but I can swear by this machine…of course you have to be a Chrome OS person…but this machine was flawless in battery (9+ hours) speed (10+ tabs open at once, streaming HBOGO, Slacker and ESPN at the same time), loved the keyboard (not so much touchpad, but I use a mouse). Screen size is nice (fondly recalling it as I peer into my 11" Acer) but resolution is meh…I used the HDMI out to a 32" 1080 monitor. If you are considering a Chromebook you really could do a lot worse than this one…and really not much better.

In hindsight I do not miss either the T-Mobile LTE (200mb was gone in a matter of hours and I hotspot via my phone as needed) and 2gb in my Acer performs as well as the 4gb in the HP i had…2gb + Haswell + SSD is more than sufficient.

Oh and I can tell you that my Acer (despite being a refurb) came with the 100GB of Google Drive (plus I got to keep the one I picked up for the returned HP…) but it is a bit of a crapshoot; essentially you are holding out hope that the OG owner didn’t register the benefit and then it can be yours!

Another note…ALOT of these refurbs are really just technophobes/Windows PC owners that had no idea how limited Chrome OS is (you mean I can’t download Office or use print drivers…NO!). Although OneDrive and MS Ofiice online is free and pretty damn good now that MS has thrown in the towel. My $0.02.

Brand new one from Amazon is $280 with full 1 year warranty. So I’m not sure if this is that great a deal.

I am telling you though…these refurbs are literally “new in box” as people return them all the time due to igniorance about the product…save the $80 and/or pick up the Squaretrade for $35 and save $55.

But like you said, you risk losing the 100GB Google Drive for 2 years, which has a value of $48. So potentially only saving $7.

Agreed…but with the ubiquitous and agressive growth of other cloud-based storage options, not sure I would even miss the 100GB. God knows that with 15 years of photos on Google+ and every doc I own I am still at only 23GB…I am not an owned movie/music person (prefer to stream all my media) but my god what would one do with all that storage? Between Box, Bitcasa, Amazon, OneDrive and basic Google you can get nearly 50gb for free.

Whats the difference between this chromebook and the Acer C720?

I can get the acer new for $199 and if I trade in my old XP laptop, that is just collecting dust, at bestbuy I can get it for $100.

But what do you do with it? I mean, my phablet has more storage space.

You go onto the internet with it. A large group of personal computer users use their devices purely for internet access (email, social networking, cat videos). This device is perfect for that.

Sure! But some people don’t want anything else. Then there is no point to give them a machine that has more vulnerabilities, complexities, bloat (considering they just want to use the web, everything that is not a browser is considered bloat).

If it had 4GB of memory I’d be all over this deal! I have a bad habit of having way too many tabs open on my web browser :slight_smile:

Thats a lot of money for what is a lot like web tv. If you just use the internet and not much else, this will work. Some people still would enjoy having their office programs. That would be a good feature to add to this.

I agree, if someone just wants to use the internet and nothing more, get one of these. I know tons of people who only check e mail and play facebook games. Cost is still a bit high for what you getting though.

I love my Acer C720 Chromebook–if I didn’t already have it I would get this one. My Acer has a 11.6" screen, which is great for portability but not so much room sometimes.

I’m getting the hang of working with and in the cloud…Google Docs do everything I’ve needed so far and the ssd drive fires right up in no time. Battery life is great (9+ hours) and I imagine this HP Chromebook would be similar.

I am a fan! had a samsung since they came out. cheap, fast, light,small, battery life. Really hardly use my laptop now.Pairs with any new printer, so you can print from anywhere. I am sure this HP is a good
product. Chrome is all Google, you even have to have a Gmail account to use it. I think that is a good thing, but others may not. It has a very good anti virus built in to the OS. little or no bloatware, that junk that loads and pops up up every time you log on.

Let me add that the OS support will probably not expire…unlike my 2 XP netbooks! I have an Acer Chromebook with a 320GB harddrive loaded with music and videos. It’ll never be my main laptop, but it’s great for basic internet and media.

Well my music library alone (which because of the song track requirement instead of GB requirements from Google Music) takes 46GB. My movies and TV show library many of which I ripped off DVDs so aren’t even all Bluray quality sits at 7.2 TB.

Not all of my audio tracks are kept at the source quality when I upload to Google Music. The ease of their service is fantastic and I love using it but I like to keep my source audio.

I personally got tired of Netflix/Amazon having but then losing contracts or rotating contracts on content. With my own source of material I do not run into this issue and can watch what I want when I want how I want.

I’m not suggesting you do this as to each their own but just that’s how someone such as my self uses more than (what I consider small time) 100GB of storage.

I have the Acer 720. My first choice was the HP. However, I wanted something small for travel. These have Haswell processors which means that they are quick, and use little resources. Great battery time.
I spend about 5 hours a day on the Chromebook, hooked up to a second monitor as my main screen. I wanted to see if I could use this as my main laptop. I can.
Don’t be put off by bad reviews and what this can’t do. However, if you don’t like anything without an i before it, stay away. You have to learn how this works, find apps that will replace software that you may be comfortable with.
I have learned to do just about everything on this Chromebook. Right now I have 9 tabs open, a photo editing app running, and an online website editor that I am using to work on a website for my computer club. I use the Bluetooth to connect to my remote speakers and most of my music is in the cloud.
Anyone who just wants a laptop to do word processing, email, watch videos, etc. will be happy with it. However, you have to dig around to figure out how to do other things in a new way. I am 70 and figured it out.

Just to confirm, possibly if Woot Staff could respond, there’s seriously no way of knowing if we’ll get a laptop that comes with the 100GB Cloud Storage for free for 2 years that it’s supposed to?

How is that an appropriate response?