HP 9.7" 32GB WiFi Tablet

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HP 9.7" 32GB WiFi Tablet
$189.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Still my favorite tablet (outside of an ipad) to this day, just because of the OS.

Its about $100 cheaper then anywhere else

And since you can put Android on it, it’s like 2 tablets in one!

Damn good deal if you’re in the market for a tablet or have a ‘thing’ for webOS.

I think android is smelly.

And its bright outside

Hey, TT - are you still making notes about items we’d like to see offered?

If so, I’d love to see some e-readers in the mix…

is there going to be a BOC?

Now is a perfect time for a BOC it’s all nice and quiet- i’m sure the servers would love an… easier boc this round…


If I had the money to spare I’d grab one… I hear the homebrew crowd is in full swing.

e-readers are pretty awesome! They’re nice and cheap now, though, even for the main brands.

HP refurbs are the only refurbs I’m not scared of these days.

They can never be too cheap for me… :wink:

I have a Nook 1st gen, Simple Touch and Color. I think I would be dead with out them. I have been reading my Nook Color all night just hitting F5 and have almost finished this book!

Fair enough! :wink: I love e-ink, personally, no matter who makes the e-reader. If there were a really nice, cheap e-ink reader offered here I might buy one for grandma. Bonus points for cheap Kindle.

Fantastic! I’m an Amazon girl. I’ve got a Kindle 3 (from just before the rebranding as the Kindle Keyboard) and love it to bits. I also have a Kindle Fire, but LCDs aren’t for books, IMO. e-Ink is so much better for it!

Yep. I’ll add it.

Some of the tablets can function pretty well as a reader, if you already have the book, or if you download amazon/B&N software for it.

Might not have the same functionality or the snazzy eInk or last as long, but still doable.

Edit: I’d still love to see some 3rd world countries up for grabs, but something tells me that’s not gonna happen, amirite?