HP EliteBook x360 13" 512GB Convertible Laptop

HP EliteBook x360 13" 512GB Convertible Laptop

I don’t see the active pen in the description so I guess we’re on our for that.

Older review of similar model for those interested.

The problem here is that the next gen double the number of cores. So, going forward they all have at least 4 cores, so even an i5 is better than this.


This comes with 8GB RAM, but it is soldered onto the board, not replaceable or upgradeable. Since this is like THE only HP laptop that does this, no room to upgrade, no way to increase it, I’m stuck with only 8GB RAM for the lifetime of my computer. Not even a place to add Optane… nothing… BUT, it does come pre-loaded with 16GM RAM, this I think I could live with. Are you able to offer this as an optional upgrade for this purchase?