HP Gaming Headset H320GS

HP Gaming Headset H320GS

Does anyone know if this does “mic monitor”? Critical function in my opinion is to hear your own voice a little, and a lot of headsets don’t do it.

Hello. HP doesn’t mention that feature so we’re thinking it doesn’t have it.

Oh hey, but we did just launch these that have that feature:


Is this actually made by HP or someone else who slapped a HP logo on it? Because I can’t seem to find more information about it on HP’s website.

Just received this headset today. Fits comfortable after an hour of use and the sound quality is not bad for the price. My only complaint with this headset is that it’s not as “Flexible” as it’s made into a “one piece” design but at least it comes with a one year HP warranty.

Would I recommend it for the price? Yes.


Also received mine and have used it several times for zoom meetings, etc. (work from home). Sound quality is good for both the mike and the headset. There is a volume control on the cord which also has a mute switch which is also handy.

My only complaint is that I have a somewhat large head (I guess?) and even when I open it up, there is a bit more pressure on my ears after a long meeting than I would prefer. It’s certainly manageable, but since I wear glasses, the pressure is pushing my ear into the arms on my glasses which gets—uncomfortable. Probably not an issue if you don’t wear glasses.

I also appreciate that it’s a USB connection so it’s a single plug in.

Overall, it was a good purchase and I’d buy again.


Got mine a while back; Same overall experience as everyone else. Good microphone quality, good sound with the 50mm drivers, USB audio so it’s one plug & sounds great, comfortable, but they are a bit tight although not uncomfortably so.

And I’ve had some spectacular sound quality using the Dolby Atmos for Headphones & DTS:5.1 headphone surround software you can purchase in Windows 10.

For the price? Highly recommended.

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