HP OMEN 870 i7 32GB DDR4, GTX1080 Desktop

Can anyone who got it run Bench mark test and report their findings? I got 16k on fire strike benchmark and that seems really low. I am guessing because of 6700k not over clocking properly due to the bios setting and motherboard restriction but I wanted to check with you guys to see if it Is my machine problem.

I would like to know if I can get a deal alert when/if this comes back into stock? Thanks.

Unfortunately, we don’t have that features. Some third party sites, like wootstalker.comm do though.

I bought this too. Its been awesome.

I benchmarked it with “Cinebench R15” and got 922 - verified via “Intel Power Gadget” that the i7-6700k was maxing out at 4.2Ghz solid with no thermal throttling Looking online and saw stock (non-overclocked) results in the 888-931 range. Therefore my i7-6700k is performing exactly as expected.

I would recommend you doing the same to see for your particular system.

Side note: These test were done on OSX as I hackintoshed this.