HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop

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HP Pavilion Quad-Core Desktop
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I wonder, does this VGA?

wootoff killers

Great computer, but as with all of these computers with good processors, if you want to upgrade the graphics card at all you will need a new power supply.

posting this message on this Woot. I upgraded PSU, RAM and vidcard and it seems to be working out rather well.
No complaints so far. It’s fast, quiet and affordable.

This is cheaper than what it’d cost you to build one with the same specs… great deal

integrated graphics…this should be illegal.

“Post-PC?” Please." This PC probably won’t even POST.

Good processor, but the ram amount (4gb) and graphics card (ATI 4200 integrated) kind of kill this deal.

But I need to know if it VGA?!

buy 3 then please

I snagged one of these the last time they came up for my secondary system. Gotta say its a pretty peppy system for the money. I had a reasonably low power requirement video card laying around that I popped in and it works just fine. For anything really powerful you will be needing a more powerful power supply.

Just a tip for anyone that does snag this… save yourself the trouble of opening it twice and get a couple new case fans, mine rattle a bit (i only notice it when my hairdryer (main computer) isn’t on :P)

oh wait… what?? 250w psu…

Looks like there’s about 75 of these bad boys. We may be here for a while.

For any amateurs: you’re going to need to upgrade the graphics and the power supply (at least another $200 investment) to make this a decent machine. Processor is pretty good - I run one at the office and it does just fine with productivity and multimedia applications.

Whoops. Double Post.

who cares I will upgrade, I aint cheap

Does anyone know if the woot off is being live casted anywhere?

No, Wootalyzer says t minus 4 minutes.