HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop with 640GB Hard Drive and 3GB Memory

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HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop with 640GB Hard Drive and 3GB Memory
$319.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 HP S5510F Pavilion Slimline Desktop with 2.8GHz AMD Athlon II, 3GB, 640GB, and Win 7 HP 64

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Will this run Black Ops?

Product Website

NO it will not, you will need a power supply and video card upgrade to turn this into a gaming machine


Finally~! a Computer! I’ve been waiting so long!

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I use one of these as a Media PC and it works great. Nice and quiet.

Here it is at newegg.

It appears to have a low profile design and 1 available PCI-Express graphics card slot.

The power supply is non-ATX style which means you will be limited to what you can find that fits.

My recommendation since this doesn’t carry an ATX style power supply bay is to avoid this if you do any sort of gaming in Direct X 9 or above, as the integrated graphics are going to be weak, and you are extremely limited to a low power consumption graphics card with the stock power supply.

That being said the ATI 5550/5570 would be a good candidate if you ended up being stuck with this rig and needed more robust graphics with low wattage consumption.

Are the mouse and keyboard extremely cheap or are they usable?

In my experience HP keyboards tend to be very good quality. The mouse is probably a logitech with an HP sticker on it; that being a good thing.

Here’s the manual

so do you think i could put an hdmi video card in here and play 1080p video smoothly?

Here are the manuals and other important documents :wink:.

Edit: Nightghost beat me to the manual, but there is still the Set up diagram and Safety Info :slight_smile:

Good for a basic office of or for internet-using parents but that is about it.

demo video

Overall manuals page including quick start guide, warranty, setup poster, etc. NightGhost’s direct manual link above to the “Getting Started Guide” I’m guessing should be sufficient for most of you.


Edit: armagedon got to the page first, above.

The one I bought is still at hp. Second time sending it there. Showed up DOA. Wont buy refurbished again