Hunter Ceiling Fans with Light Kits - Your Choice

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Hunter Ceiling Fans with Light Kits - Your Choice
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Time to learn about the history of Hunter

Do any of these come with remotes?

We just had the 44" version without light installed in our rebuilt den, no remote but it is hooked up to a wall switch. It runs extremely quietly, hardly noticeable when it’s running, and provides a great breeze.

My wife bought a Hunter fan on sale (so she believes) and while it’s a good looking fan and operates very well, it’s not better looking than some of the other fans in the house nor is it more functional. We have 2 paddle fans with remote control which cost less than half the price of her “on sale” Hunter. As far as I’m concerned, Hunter and most of the other name brand fans are not a good buy compared to what’s on the market. I guess I’m just not a “name Brand” fan.


A fan is a tool?

And i dont think I would put it in my garden…

Oh woot… what has amazon done to you

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I’d probably buy one if I wasn’t broke… Hmm Wootcrap on payday…

I don’t like to buy something that I can’t find reviews on. NONE of these fans can be found on the internet which is really strange. I used the model number with Hunter Ceiling Fans and I was surprised that the ONLY place these are found are HERE which doesn’t necessarily make it a good deal if no other dealer in the country won’t carry it on their web site or at Lowes/Home Depot. And the discussion on these fans here on woot are not providing any help on the quality of these particular fans, so I don’t feel confident about buying one of these unless someone posts reviews from somewhere. Just sayin’.

Don’t have any specific reviews for these products, but I’ve installed 3 Hunter ceiling fans in my house. It’s the only brand I’ll buy (I did buy a Hampton Bay fan for the nursery because of the colors). They tend to run quieter than other fans with less wobble at high speeds. I’m a - fan - of Hunter fans.

Had Hunter fans in my last house. Twelve years down the road, and they were still running like new. (This doesn’t say what may have happened to Hunter quality in the 18 years since, of course.) Hunter sells remote kits to add to their fans, if these don’t come with one, or used to.

For my taste, however, these are really ugly light kits. YMMV.

I have installed many ceiling fans in my life and Hunters are always easy to install and the quality shows.
I prefer hunter over the store brands such as harbor breeze (Lowes) and Hampton bay (home depot).
We have a hunter that looks very much like this one in our bedroom (which I installed) and it works and is still silent 3 years later.

Having something with blades mounted over my head and called Hunter makes me a bit nervous.

I picked up a similar 52 inch Hunter during a previous woot ( about 8 months ago for 70 $. The install was straight forward and I added a 36 inch downrod. I love my hunter, it runs like a champ, moves plenty of air, ok build quality, and easy on the eyes. I would purchase another hunter from woot without question.

My only comment is the build is not as high a quality as a 250 $ Hampton Bay fan I have also installed. But I cant complain given the big price difference.

Hunter Manual

Your link didn’t work, so maybe you saw this, but these are discontinued models. HomeDepot did have them

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We have Hunter fans in all 3 bedrooms and the living room. They all operate very quietly, though the light kit with the large disc at the bottom is not my favorite (it is hard to get tight enough to not make a slight noise). Rather, the white one with the four light bulbs (which is in our living room) puts out the best light and is easier to get things tight on.

Lowes has Hunter ceiling fans 20% off currenty. Seems like many for the same price in similar or the same models -|M1--Merch|20_off_Hunter_Fans&cm_cr=No+Campaign--Web+Activity--Lighting+Ceiling+Fans+th+7.2--SC_Ceiling+Fans++Ceiling+Fan+Accessories_TopHero_Area-_-10843563_1_Shop_Hunter#!&Ns=p_product_price%7C0&page=1

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