Huntspoint Gold Wagyu Brisket - Your Choice

Huntspoint Gold Wagyu Brisket - Your Choice

Mail-order meat for those who find the local stuff not expensive enough. [Just a joke, woot.}

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These are absolutely delicious. Wish I could get a bigger one than what’s left. What happened to the 16+ pounders??

Bought this last time for big bucks, was not impressed.

I have done prime many times
I have done choice many times also
Wet age for 20 days on both
Cant tell a difference

I ordered the 12-14 lb. HUNTSPOINT GOLD Wagyu brisket. Today I received a brisket from 7x beef ( not Huntspoint) with no indication that it is Gold grade anywhere. I could have bought non-Gold brisket anywhere and paid less money. I am seriously disappointed.

Hi there. We checked with the vendor:

I get my brisket supply from various suppliers/farms. I shipped Gold Grade brisket from the 7X wagyu Farm. These are full blood wagyu briskets. They are all Gold Grade and the most consistently highest marbled briskets that are available. I use these briskets in my business and they are absolutely the very best briskets available. They plump when cooked and they are absolutely delicious.

The Gold Grade is in the marbling, not on a little sticker that says it is Gold Grade.