IBM WorkPad C500 PDA


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Well, not what I’m looking for, bud a good item. :slight_smile:


Woot Price: $49.99


First post here @ Woot!

Nice price, but with Pocket PC’s coming out of my ears - not today.


Heads up, it’s refurbished.

#7 price: $69.99


People still use monochrome PDA’s? :lol:



Decent deal if you want one. I’m not a palm fan myself though and already have a Dell Axim from work.

23 hours and 55 minutes to go…


I’m still waiting for Woot’s Axim x3i for 79.99




Actually when I went to, they list it as $89.99. I did get the $69.99 when searching, but I would tend to trust the price at the site more than a price search engine.

Also, they don’t even have it in stock, so I suppose it’s a moot point.


$40 buy it now price on ebay, and shipping is reasonable depending on where you live.


That’s two monochrome deals in a row–give me some color, woot! :roll:


Still waiting for my first chance to purchase some decent WOOT!




The Palm m500 (which this is, really) is the same as the widely-available Palm Zire, which is $99 new. 50% off ain’t bad.


Can this thing play MP3s?


Even if you could get a program that would play them, it can only hold up to a 64 MB memory card–maybe 20 songs. :!:


[quote user=“kuoh”]People still use monochrome PDA’s? :lol:

It’s greyscale