Icemat Siberia In Ear Headset

These work great! but bluetooth is much handier!

boooo. was just on sellout.woot a few days ago


would this work in an xbox 360 controller?

FInally, the headphones for the guy who wants a set to match his black iPod.

!next please…

in for 3 , good gifts

Oh, yeah, I remember these from when I didn’t buy them a week or two ago.


tears of painful sorrow After Almost 24 hours, the first item I want to buy, and it sells out before I catch it.

I… I could die.

Bah. Why, oh, why?

How about another Blooper On Crouton…please?

c’mon! Still the wrong headphones! Give me the Razer Barracudas or some top end Sennheisers!

apparently didn’t.

bunch of carp, gimme a bag of it on the other hand…

To answer two questions from the last forum:

w00t has many secrets…they must be deciphered. You must also cross the rice paper, leaving no trace, and catch the fly with your chopsticks…

They feel better than the carppy ones from Stuffmart.

looks like an ear condom ribbed for hear pleasure

Nooo! Where are my Razer m250s? I have been waiting for them to come back for awhile now…