InFocus 61” DLP Ultra-Thin HDTV with Random Crap

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

InFocus 61” DLP Ultra-Thin HDTV with Random Crap
$2,499.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
1 InFocus ScreenPlay 61" DLP High Definition TV - SP61MD10
1 Random Crap

woot typo of the night: description says “dual IEEE 1393”

nice tv, but too rich for my blood…maybe in a few years

you get a free TV with the most expensive crap ever

I wish. Too many things to do around the house to buy this before June…

The B.O.C. is now being used as an incentive to purchase an over-priced, no-name TV?

Woot has stooped to a new low!!!

Nice job.

Oh, woot, this is evil. Packaging the most longed for item with something almost none of us can afford.

That’s cheap - throwing the boc in with a $2500 set…defeats the whole purpose…

Who knew typing in bee oh see changed automatically to Bride of Chucky? Interesting…

This is about retarded… All the woots lately have been freakin expensive or just plain stupid.

Well, we don’t have to wonder who’s gettting the TV in their crap this time.

wow… no more random crap on it’s own huh? now we have to buy a tv in hopes of getting a tv? crazy stuff woot…

Oh so cruel…a $2500 BOC with a HDTV thrown in… to quote Lee Marvin " That’s just mean"

and I got a coupon for free shipping…

That TV is sweet and the crap makes it better

why can’t it be just the crap???

i think the biggest woot on this one is the shipping!

looks like a nice TV, 61" is too big except for a large room, my friends 65" takes up the entire wall!

I am just too poor!

this is it for this bugger I guess…they removed the “special” VIP link … but I guess if there’s any leftover they may put it back…

I am extremly upset this being the last time we will see the TV on woot! I actually was holding off until I move in August to purchase the 61"… but I guess I will have to find an alternative to it at a later date…


You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

I wonder how many people will be tricked into buying 3 of this, impulsively going through all the steps as soon as they see that brown little bag with the question mark on it?

I was really hoping for another BoC, but not like this…