Infrared Mini-Tower Heater

**Item: **Infrared Mini-Tower Heater
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Check the dimensions, this thing is small.

If only it came in blue…

Check out the lettering on the remote control. Is the product going to be shipped exactly as it is pictured?

This half the price and a much better heater.

That one does not appear to be an infrared heater. That’s like comparing navel oranges to tangerines.

Not exactly. All heaters will produce infrared radiation. Granted that a heater with this type of element will produce more infrared heat.

Bottom line is that heat is heat, electric heat is 100% efficient- it comes down to personnel preference. I like the way that the fan-forced convection works, because it’s even room warming heat. I feel like a piece of toast when I am in front of an infrared heater. I rather the entire room heat evenly rather than 1 spot get lots of focused heat- but like I said, this is completely personnel preference.

Hence the name “Mini-Tower”. :tongue:

Welcome to the magic of Photoshop. I’ll let them know. Good catch and worthy of a morning chuckle.

Yeah, when I first saw the pic, I thought “a Tardis/heater? How unnecessarily clever!” but was quickly brought down to earth.


WHAT’S THIS?!?!? The price is now $79.99? The buyer is weeping at his desk?

Please make this buyer feel better by buying 3!

Small Print: Already bought? No worries, money will fly back in your accounts shortly.

Wait wait… Don’t tell me! is the price drop because the lettering on the remote control exactly as depicted?

Bonus question: what is the “2-in-1” in the model name “2-in-1 Mini-Tower Heater” besides the fact that it is a space heater? What other function am I missing?

HA! I know the answer to that one! It’s not a 2-in-1 heater. That title on their site is a boo-boo. We checked with our vendor. It’s a heater only.

I didn’t see if it has a fan?
Does it shut off if tipped over?

I’d like a small digital control heater for the travel trailer…

Features say:
Overheat and Tip Over Safety Shutoff

I assume there’s some fan as it talks about HI/LOW/ECO modes.

Not the same type of heater.
this is not a infrared heater.
Not a better heater.

I got it, 2 in one is it heats in C or F

I don’t know how this heater works yet because I bought it over 24 days ago and have not got it ye, they wont tell me anything but sit back and wait, this is not good business, I bought it on November 20, and it is now December 4, still no heater summer is around the ben.

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