Introducing Your Contenders for Derby #47: Home

Derby #47 End Estimates by

**Going to make a couple more estimate changes here, still tweaking the coding for these entries that don’t hit the hotness that often.

I’m putting ‘Home Improvement’ in second due to it’s time in the fog.
‘Coming Home’ in third it had a nice little spurt of votes near the end, and I think that will push ‘Rodentian Gothic’ into 4th.

See you tomorrow, same derby time, same derby channel!**

1st Place:
Fog’d: 5 days, 11 hours
335 Woolloomoo Way (696 estimated votes)
by: kdeuce

2nd Place:
Fog’d: 4 days, 2 hours
Home Improvement (603 estimated votes)
by: Beefcoat

3rd Place:
Fog’d: 8 minutes
Coming Home (609 estimated votes)
by: sokowa

4th Place:
Fog’d: 12 minutes
Rodentian Gothic (603 estimated votes)
by: jamescho84

No way, this is unfortunate IMHO… the original idea and art of redghia’s “This shirt” is so much better than the overdone parody Cho did. Sure, his squirrels haven’t been done before, but the american gothic thing is overused in general (beyond woot). I hope redghia gets some props and maybe a second chance derby out of that design. it was amazing.

Oh how sad, the bird nest was truly a unique shirt, and so good. Sure hope I can get it somewhere else. Sure would be better than the dailies this and most weeks!!

James is my fav. Hope it comes in 3rd somehow.

I really thought the bird nest design would be in the final top four. It was so different from the typical entries. Oh well, that’s the nature of the derby.

And… my favorite design gets pushed out. I really think RedGhia’s brilliant design should be there.

Agreed. If it gets printed somewhere, red, please let us know. I’ll definitely be buying.

cho cowers into a corner please… don’t hit me.
was an exciting week, sorry to redghia and GL with to all those who place.

Ah I really was hoping for that black Little House On A Hill shirt. It’s okay because I just started my summer job and don’t have enough money for a new shirt anyway!

My little brother really wants the turtle shirt. Since he doesn’t have to buy his own he may be extra happy when he wakes up tomorrow or on Saturday or Sunday.

Congrats to all the desingers that fogged this week. I can’t wait to get my copy of 335 Woolloomoo way. Really well done.

'grats all…I like all 4 designs. Might need to set some of the pay check aside to snatch all 3.

I will buy Rodentian Gothic (I hope you win, please!!) and 335 Woolloomoo Way.

I agree with everyone on Redghia’s non-placement. I hope this comes back as an Honorable Mention and then later as an editor’s pick, or even a voter’s win. I think Redghia has a unique almost threadless select feel to that shirt, and it should get printed simply based on the fact that Woot should want to print unique designs with varying artistic elements to it. Not the same-old vector art… amazing, still… but I want some flavor! =D


How much I adored ‘This Shirt’.

I was totally caught off guard by “this shirt” falling out of the fog. Maybe there were more voters for the other 4 this morning due to the woot-off?

It will be interesting to see how close the SDS stats came to reality, because the numbers make it look like Home Improvement was the one that almost fell out of the fog. Things were very close to the end.

As sad as it was for this shirt to not make the final fog, there are a LOT of shirts out there that I would have loved to have fogged that never made it. I Really liked at least 10 of the top 20; it was hard to choose which 3 to put in my signature.

Oh man, what the hell?!

I was really hoping for “this shirt,” which seemed to be doing pretty well this time yesterday. What happened? Grr.

In the last 12 minutes it was pushed out after doing really well consistently. Odd voting patterns. I think I’ll stay away from the derbies for a while.

$10 says it’s one of the honorable mentions.

Woot-off voting patterns. Every time there’s a Woot-off, the end of the derby gets more votes than usual because more customers are accessing the site. Hopefully if they like what they see, they’ll stick around and we’ll have an even more diverse voting pool next week.

And while This Shirt did really well in the last few days, you have to remember that the rest of the shirts in the fog also did very well, most of them since Friday. It’s been a close match all the way through, because most of the top contenders are excellent shirts. The fact that so many other designs could be printed and sell well is a sign that the derby is becoming more successful :slight_smile:

It’s actually incredibly consistent voting.

First place: Silhouette. Might print well, might not.
Second place: Joke shirt, cartoony execution.
Third place: Shirt without true concept, just image of familiar item
Fourth Place: Best illustration in the fog
Fifth Place: Most original shirt in the derby.

Seems like every week.

Which is not to say that Beefcoat and Sokowa are not both solid derby designers… Both of them did what they do well, and Sokowa’s art is gorgeous this week, not to mention a true departure for her. I think both of them have become a credit to the derby. It’s just the way woot works, and it’s the way woot will always work, and outside of a very small handful of people, it’s the way people want woot to work. The only way this could be more representative of woot’s tastes is if the shirts not only fit the woot vote molds, but also sucked. Woot normally doesn’t go for well done, and this week they seemed to.

That’s the plus side… while I’m disappointed that two of the better shirts I’ve seen in the derbies in a while look like they’re destined to finish just outside the fog, the truth is that this week, despite a weak theme, has actually had a lot of cream rise to the top. There’s actually something positive in all of the top shirts this week, and for that I actually do wish the best of luck to everyone in the fog this week.