Intuita Automatic Espresso Machine

Intuita Automatic Espresso Machine
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Reviews over at Seattle Coffee Gear

I bought one direct from Seattle Coffee for $50 more. Works good enough to replace going to Toomanybucks every night on the way to work for a black-eye. I had to reduce the pull volume for the shot to get good flavor. The de-scale light came on within the first week. SCG said they do not de-scale as part of the refurb process so this was not uncommon. I went through the de-scale routine and haven’t had any problems.

And for all those “$250 for a coffee machine?” it is the convenience of not having to stop at $tarbucks and having espresso available whenever I want it. So there.

How is this one compared to the Saeco Via Venezia?

I’d be looking at the mothership reviews.

Looking at reviews from Az, these appear to have had a lot of reliabilty issues.

This type of machine makes a great cup of coffee, far better than the swill that comes from a Keurig type machine. Still, you are probably better off waiting for a Jura Capresso unit, those are found on Woot fairly often. I have two Jura machines and both have been trouble free. On the older one I did have to replace some gaskets after about 5 years with a kit I bought on-line.

Two very different machines. The Via Venezia and its slightly less expensive sibling, the Aroma are semi-automatic machines. You must grind the coffee separately.

The Venezia comes with a pressurized portafilter, which makes getting the grind exactly right less of a chore.

So with the Venezia, I grind the beans on my burr grinder, put them in the portafiler basket, tamp them down (although, strictly speaking this isn’t really necessary), put the portafilter in the machine, wait for the coffee light to come on and press it. When the one or two ounces has dribbled into the cup, I press the coffee button again.

Both machines require you to stream your milk “manually.”

The steps I described take all of 2 minutes. Having a separate grinder means one less thing to break, which is good since if the grinder goes bad on this model the machine is useless.

I recently purchased the Venezia from SCG after toying with the idea of super-automatic like this machine. For a little bit more, I got an excellent espresso machine and a high quality grinder (Breville Smart Grinder)

I just lost some respect for Seattle Coffee if this is true. Descaling should be a required step in refurbing these things.

Got one of these refurb models from woot a while back. it makes good steamed milk, froth and espresso. but…

everything was fine the first few months. then it started acting wonky. it kept throwing a “puck tray full” error. instructions said to clean puck tray and do monthly maintenance steps. this kept happening, and it looks like the mechanism that presses and drops the puck does not align correctly consistently.

if i change the grind setting before pressing, it tricks the machine and pulls a trouble-free shot. a work around, but still annoying.

Are they listed at or near this price?

Ordered on Wednesday - arrived Saturday… dead on arrival - boiler won’t heat. This makes me sad :(:frowning: