iRobot Roomba Discovery SE

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Can this hurt small animals?!

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iRobot Roomba Discovery SE
$149.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
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i can push my own vaccuum. thankk you… not

How does this compare to the other Roombas?

Love my Roomba (courtesy of Woot, of course). Everybody should have one … everyone who has a floor, anyway. If you don’t have a floor, don’t bother.

No wonder prople are turning into fat cows. They dont wanna even vaccum now

I have this model.

I use it daily in the den, where my dog sleeps, and in the kitchen.

It works beautifully, keeping both areas clean with minimal effort.

I really recommend this.

Very good price. I’ve had one a year, works great.

How many of these Woot’s got?
Is it any good? I have some money to spent, should I spent my money on something like this?

I bought one the last time they were here. My floors have never been cleaner. So easy to push a button - my house get vacuumed 5x as often as before. 4 months old and going strong. These things are great.

Can I just say how ridiculous Roombas are? Is it that hard to vacuum? It takes a roomba hours to vacuum a room, while going over the same spots over and over. Come on Woot Masters, no more Roomba junk!

Perhaps if they were so tiny they could be sucked up. Otherwise, probably not. My cats stay well away from it – scares the hell out of 'em. :smiley:

How about w00t sells the replacement for the short-lived generation 1 battery? Hmmm?? got one as a wedding gift. 3 cats and all. The cats aren’t freaked out or anything, but they keep a respectful distance.

no coupons this time?

[ ecost has it for 139+ shipping ^ too lazy to link

got this model earlier in the week and works great

This was my first woot purchase! I love it and have been very happy with it. I highly recommend it. I have a dog that sheds A LOT, and roomba picks up all the hair without a complaint!

This would be a great Christmas gift!

I love the Roomba, and the Fox Trotts and the Valtz two…dis kountry been bery, bery gut to me…