Italian Hotel Collection 1000TC Sheet Set

I’m surprised at how many people still buy sheets online only to be dissapointed later. Unfortunately terms like thread count mean nothing any more as they have found dishonest ways to spit thread fibers and count them individually

Just copy/pasting comments to any sheet sale?

Although I’ve bought sheets and been disappointed, I usually read the replies here before making a purchase. The micro fiber sheets and high polyester content sheets are the ones to avoid.

My bad for not reading more carefully that they are 45% poly. Sucked in by the 1000 count. Could not be more disappointed in these sheets.

Just remember the golden rule if you think it’s too good to be true it probably is. A thousand thread count sheets do not sell for under $75. FYI

I too didn’t read carefully enough. The sheets are not very soft and not 100% cotton. Was a bummer to wash them and they were still rough

I too am disappointed in these sheets. My bad for also not paying closer attention to the fiber content. They are thin and a bit rough. Mea culpa. I’ll be more careful choosing sheets in the future.