It's a VOTER-iffic Derby!


What’s this Derby you speak of?

idk, it’s like this really cool, thematic, crowd-sourced apparel design competition that runs weekly on Woot! The Creatives of Woot! (CoWs for short) create awesome new artwork EVERY week and YOU exercise your civic Woot-y to vote for the bestest designs! The top 3 designs get featured (Champ, Chump, and Chimp) get bragging rights as the daily each week. And don’t worry, we also curate a collection of ones you love but didn’t win for a specially-curated-for-you event each Friday.

mmmk, that’s cool, but what’s what’s a VOTER-iffic Derby?

It’s a special Derby to give back to you: the more voters in the Derby, the lower the price of apparel on Derby designs! Here’s some fine print, too: 1,750 Derby voters gets apparel starting at $13! You want more?! 2,500 voters? That gets your wardrobe refresh going with apparel starting at $10!!

The theme of this week’s competition is Vintage Movie posters, you can read a little bit about the design guidelines for this competition here.

How will I know how many voters there are?

Check back right here every day where we will post the total count in that pretty artwork right up there at the top of this here post ^^.

Where do I vote?

Go here. Make sure you log in using your Woot! or Amazon account and click those blue ‘I want one’ buttons over the designs you like!

Tell your friends and fam-a-lam to come over to Woot! and vote too! We like to give you a deal, it’s kind of like, what we do.

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Ok, so how many voters so far?

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There are a LOT of cool designs! I didn’t see this before today or I would have been votearama!!!


Spare some change?

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Still time for this one:

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I need to vote more regularly.

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we agree! :smiley:

Bumping this. 2200 posts in the birthday BOC thread, but what the need to do is vote in shirt derby!

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Seems like too much work

They’re only willing to work for a chance at something free :joy:

YES!!! 450 MORE TO GO to unlock $13!

Ends at 8 PM tonight!


So, no more than 1300 in the end?