J Vineyards - Four Pack

J Vineyards - Four Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2007 Chardonnay Russian River
2 2007 Viognier Hoot Owl Creek, Alexander Valley
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The Viogner bottles are very attractive. Methinks they’d made excellent gifts based on the elegance of the “label” alone.

What does the “J” stand for?

Found this short review of the Chard:


“14.3% alc., $28. · Light straw colored in the glass. Toasty oak and sawdust dominate the green apple aromas. Very tasty glazed apple and pear flavors with underlying notes of light caramel, brioche and oak. California-styled with plenty of oakderived aromas and flavors that will find favor with many Chardonnay lovers. Good. Reviewed May 24, 2010”

I don’t have a great understanding of why some whites can age well but most are better young. These are a few years old, are they made for aging a bit, and if so why? I notice they were released in '08 though so maybe not…

Found another review of the Chard that is getting me interested:


" Vineyards 2007 Chardonnay Russian River My first tasting note for this wine was “salivacious,” a descriptor I picked up from Melissa Stackhouse, winemaker for La Crema Winery. Her chardonnays and the J have equally balanced acidity and oaky-buttery creaminess, rare in California. Almost like the best of both chardonnay worlds. The J is elegant and plush with peaches, toasted almonds and a honeyed finish. Not too rich though and its lemony tartness kisses you goodbye. Sw=2. $28. 4.5 stars."

I’ve been looking for a decent California Chardonnay with a bit of butter, so I’m going to have to hit the button on this one.


Is it just me or is 14.3% alcohol content a bit high for Chardonnay? Alchohol content aside if it were just Chardonnay I’d buy it in an instant but I’m not up for paying $21.25/bottle for the Viognier.

It comes out to a little less than $17/bottle with shipping. Or you think the Chards are worth $12 a piece…

I absolutely love J wines… i used to belong to their wine club before the shipping was as much as the wines. this is a super deal. You can’t beat a Russian River Chardonnay.

This is why I shouldn’t drink and post on Woot,
alchol > math

Still wondering about the alcohol though.

High? Eh. Certainly higher than its French counterparts, but certainly not insanely high. To give a well-known comparison, the '08 KJ chard is 13.5% but tasted like 14.5%. A friend ordered it at CPK a while ago. My guess is that KJ undershot it and this J is right on target.

The winery website lists the Chard at $28 (but other sites list it at $23) and the Viognier is on special at $21 before shipping. This seems like a pretty decent deal.

Oh, in for two. Need some whites since it’s getting flippin hot here in Texas.

Incidentally on the subject of $12 chards, a cheap chardonnay is fine for using when cooking salmon. I recommend Bogle for that purpose (about $12 a bottle).

Do you have a recipe?

That bottle label is really cool. :slight_smile:


J / Jordan is bomb stuff!

If you have never had their Pinot, head down to Costco, and if you are lucky like we are here in SD, they have their Russian River Pinot always on hand. I have 4 in the wine cooler at all times.

IN for this for sure … was just up in Sonoma / RRV and loved the Pinots and Chards we had …

ok… color me a neophyte but here goes. how long does it normally take woot to send out wines once they are ordered. i have ordered 2 of the previous wootings, but nothing has shipped… so how long normally does it take for the orders to be processed (sorry but i am really wanting to order more but am hesitant since i dont know what the e.t.a. is)

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