Jalapeno Cashews Garage Sale

Shows as sold out, but with no sales stats. Same with other products under gourmet. i think this is a woot error.

Hey there, yeah, sometimes you might see a sale like that. Could have been issues with the sale itself that caused us to cancel it. Could have been inventory or price related as we will be the lowest price on the internet and it’s possible someone is selling this somewhere (reputable) for lower than we’re able to go.

So you pull a Garage Sale if it’s not the lowest price online? If so, that would be a good thing to state in the promo (even if the lawyers say you have to temper it to “it’s the lowest price we could find online, but hey, we got monkeys working here so who the heck knows”) .

In general, I think more clear distinctions between the sales would be useful. Often times there are multiple going at a time. For example, what’s the difference between Garage Sale and 2019 Leftovers? Having descriptions would, I’m my mind, be useful.

Noted mydearWootson.




Well that sucks. Those cashews are killer.

Nah. It just means they’re cheaper on a less sketchy website. The fun is finding them!