Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset: 1 or 2 Pk

Too bad they got out of the bluetooth headset business years ago. I have had all of the Jawbone series of headsets from their first one to their last. The last one was epic fail for many reasons. All of the headsets depend on a website to actually make changes to the headset functions like turning off A2DP, different sounds, etc. Last I checked the website and software that goes with it are gone so you are not able to make any changes to settings on the headsets.

Now you can be one of those tools who wears a bluetooth headset to the gym, restaurants, the dentist…

Reconditioned, discontinued, bluetooth 2.1 which is a 2007 ver. Really? Not much new in the new year is there Woot.

Listen to moe300 about these people. I’ve also had all of the Jawbones after the first one and I consider this one (2011 era) and the last one (2014 Era) to be the worst Jawbones they produced.

The online updater no longer works for this model at all and I’ve had three of these units that have all exhibited similar defects including 1. Random disconnects while in standby mode (requiring me to power down the headset and cycling bluetooth on the phone for reconnection). This has happened with both ios and android devices. 2. Random disconnects while on a phone call (exact same solution as before but now both you and the person on the other end of the call are inconvenienced). 3. Every so often when powering up the headset it will take between one to several minutes to give the power up and connection sound (during this wait to start time the headset is useless). 4. Probably related to 3 is an issue of when powering up, the headset will repeat a message of “Please wait while the software on your Jawbone is updated” or something similar to that. This happened infrequently but didn’t have anything to do with having used the now useless online updater.

When the headset was working it was great but I’ve long since moved on to Plantronics and Blueparrott devices due to Aliph (Jawbone) abandoning their headset customers.

Woot, the description incorrectly lists things that the online updater will not do for this model.

Good luck everyone and have a Happy New year!

Horrible customer service from Jawbone. I have been waiting for 2 months for a second replacement product that is 6 weeks overdue. Jawbone declined to refund money for a product that I purchased DEC '15 and then had to have replaced in May/June '16. A product that can’t work longer than six months is poorly designed. I currently have the BBB attempting to intervene. Not worth the headache. Look them up on BBB site for more info.

If I buy the two pack can I use them like AirPods?


I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience, but Jawbone’s customer service isn’t relevant to this Wooting, since this is a non-factory refurb and is not covered by Jawbone at all.

I have a love-hate relationship with Jawbone Bluetooth headsets.

When they work, they are great, because their noise cancelling technology works, and sound clarity is excellent.

Unfortunately, these turn out to be like disposable razors - they work well in the beginning, but only work for a while, and then they get dull, and then you throw them out.

I have owned all the models - both refurbished and new in retail packaging. Based on the box of the dead ones I still have, and those that I have tossed or those I have returned (when Jawbone was still taking calls and responding to service requests) I can say I have owned at least 20 of them. In my experience, 3 months warranty on a refurb is pushing it. Most of the refurbs I had died before that time period. Some never worked to begin with.

I have a new approach to these headsets:

  1. Contact the seller (especially if you are not going to buy them through Woot) to see who pays for shipping them back - because they will likely die. Plus, you want to see if there is really someone on the other end who will honor the warranty. Jawbone would never say where this never ending supply of refurbs come from.

  2. Buy two at a time. This is so you have enough battery life for the day (my experience is that their specified talk times are a bit optimistic), and so when you think one is not working right (“What did you say? I can’t hear you”) you can pop the other in your ear to see if it works better.

  3. Buy the new version of the Era. They are selling on Amazon for about $38-39 NEW in retail packaging with a 1 year warranty and Amazon Prime shipping. I like this version because it is smaller than the others, and the ear insert doesn’t “spin” around its attachment point on the the headset (believe me, it was annoying). Plus, the earbuds on the newest Era are more comfortable.

Well, long post, but long history with these headsets.


Good luck!

You’re really mad that nobody wants to talk to you on the phone, huh?