Jawbone JAMBOX Bluetooth Speakers

I’ve had one of these for over a year. They sound FANTASTIC.

There is an issue with the headphone jack however. It seems that over time the contacts wear out and short the jack, preventing to bluetooth audio from working. Mine has done this recently and looking for a solution online led me to lots of other people who have the same problem.

TL;DR - Great sound, questionable longevity.

Did you buy yours here, refurbished, or new? I’m considering a purchase, but your message made me rethink. You say headphone jack. I probably wouldn’t be using that part of the speaker much.

I think these sound OK, but they arent very loud. Sorry to say, I have a $20 sharkk bluetooth speaker which outperforms this speaker. I have however heard the JBL bluetooth speaker and that hands down was much much better


More money YES, but way WAY better sounding IMO.

These do not play very loud.
The sound quality is ok - but the volume is only a little louder than the speaker in my ipad mini.

I would pick something else ->

These are cool looking but that’s it. The speaker quality is disgraceful.

I was just about to link this.

These reviews make me sad. I was really looking forward to these but now i know. You guys on here have saved me a lot of time and effort thank you

I have the jambox, ok sounding- but I don’t think Bluetooth connectivity is as good as the Jabra
it sounds better and connects MUCH better. $45 plus 5 shipping
yugster has a few left only black though.

Awesome portable speaker and speakerphone. I keep one with me constantly. I own three of these fine speakers and have gifted several. Excellent sound quality and very durable. Long play on a charge and recharges swiftly. Anyone claiming sound quality is not top notch is full of cheese. I have owned several top Bluetooth speakers and the Jawbone Jambox is my favorite by far. I use mine daily. Buy it … you will be very pleased with the performance and quality.

I just bought another one … Great Deal here.

Do you own one? Sound quality for such a compact device is superb IMHO.

Just purchased one. I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. Listened to them in the store and they sound fantastic. Way better than the other models that I tested out.

Have to +1 the general consensus here. I thought the sound quality was pretty good for a compact bluetooth speaker (other than the bass that overwhelms itself on the devices own startup noise), but isn’t particularly loud. When I say “not loud”, I’m not expecting to duct tape it to my car and blast it down Main St, but I would like to watch Netflix and make out the words in something other than a moderately quiet room.

It’s probably better to think of it as a really good “in a pinch” speaker rather than a bad “all the time” speaker.

I bought one last time from Woot and noticed that the volume was not loud while connected through Bluetooth but was much louder when my phone was connected directly to the Jambox. It is a common problem that can be fixed with a reset. Just google how to do a factory reset and the volume will increase toward normal.

Not so good. With a name like Jambox they should be louder than my Ipad. Not true. I will be returning.

I love mine but I would avoid refurbs. As mentioned there can be BT connection issues when it goes bad. I purchased 1 from A4C.com (which I trust and really like) but it wouldn’t work, swapped it out two more times and it seems that there is an issue with these that make them hit the refurb pile and aren’t duplicated unless you are trying to connect via bluetooth so it gets missed… anyway I bought a new one and take it with me everywhere.

I use it in the office, some time in the back yard but don’t don’t need it for a loud music required area. If you need that the BIG jambox is better (but BIG) and I hear the bose is solid and sounds great too.

Beware - I received a defective unit (garbled audio) and Jawbone advises since the item is Factory Reconditioned, a warranty does not apply.

Woot is advertising a 90 day warranty from Jawbone which is not correct.

Hmm, sorry about that. Please email support@woot.com with your order info and situation, if you haven’t already. CS can help get things resolved for you.

I just received my package the other day and I am HIGHLY disappointed. I know that Jawbone makes good products but this Jambox is garbage. It does not get very loud. The bass was great but there was a weird distortion with mine. I know someone who has the Jambox mini and that thing pumps!However, this one blows :frowning:

Meeeeee tooo! I thought that what I saw was a part of the design but upon further inspection, it was bent at the speaker. I was wondering why my sound was so distorted.