JBL LIVE 300 Premium True Wireless Earbuds

JBL LIVE 300 Premium True Wireless Earbuds

Hola, la caja y presentación es nueva?

No. Como se indica en la página, es reacondicionado de fábrica.

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I bought two pairs of these, and while they’ve been good to me, I’ve started to dislike a few (perhaps nitpicky to some) design features. I hope that firmware will fix or improve some of these issues.

Strengths: good audio quality for phone calls and media, decently long battery life on one charge, 1-hour quick charge via the charging case, ambient-aware and TalkThru options to keep you aware of your surroundings while using the earbuds.

(1) i can listen to your audio using only one earbud, but that feature is only available with the right earbud. While using one earbud, audio quality degrades or begins cutting out if I stray too far from the other earbud in the charging case.
(2) Touch controls are responsive and decently accurate, IF you’re not exercising or walking in the rain. Moisture tanks touch-control accuracy, and on that subject, the earbuds tend not to stay in my ears while working out. Forget about using these with a hoodie, too, as the hood will inevitably brush against the earbuds and interpret that contact as a request to pause the current track or skip ahead to the next.
(3) There is also no option to disable touch controls temporarily, nor is there much flexibility to customize them in the JBL app.
(4) This is a minor gripe, but there’s sometimes a long-ish delay (10 seconds or so) between inserting the earbuds into my ears and connecting to my phone.
(5) Occasionally, my phone will stop recognizing the earbuds altogether, and I’ll have to remove them from the Bluetooth devices list and add them again. Doing so has always fixed the issue, though, and takes a matter of seconds.

They’re a decent value, but when they wear out or I have the money to spare, I’ll be looking for earbuds that offer more options for single-earbud use and touch-control customization.

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I tried buying a pair of these, and when there was a problem with shipping or something (they never arrived) I reached out to CS and they said they are unable to replace the order because of stock issues, so they refunded. But here they are still in stock🥺… Nope, won’t try buying them again…

Agree with most of what @embowen says… You can use only the left earbud, but you have to keep the case open, which is hard because it doesn’t stand up on its own, and the lid likes to fall closed. I use the single left earbud about 95% of the time because I like to hear my surroundings, so right now I really only use them for Zoom meetings for work where I can balance the case open, and don’t have to move too far from the right bud. I have another pair of the smaller JBL earbuds and they don’t have any of those issues. You can use either bud, close the case and leave the case behind.