JBL Under Armour Sport Train Headphones - Project Rock Edition

JBL Under Armour Sport Train Headphones - Project Rock Edition

Holy moly… these were uncomfortable after just 5 minutes… the “armour grip” in the discussion was not kidding… sound is decent… but thats practically irrelevant if you cant tolerate wearing them…

I dont know if i should return or just gift to a small headed acquaintance… >_<

I’ve had mine for about two weeks now:


  • They stay on my head when doing yard work (versus my HK’s that would slip when I would bend over to pick up something. They are a little tight, but they have to be in order to stay in your head.
  • They material is cool and dries quickly, which is important when doing sweaty activities.
  • They are extremely light weight.
  • The side buttons are big and easy to find, even when wearing work gloves.
  • Sound quality is pretty good, but not as good as my HK, but that’s ok, these are for a different purpose.


  • The quick touch speaker pass through function is pretty much worthless. It doesn’t pause your listening content, it just lowers the volume and amplifies whatever the surrounding noise is in your environment. The point is so that you can quickly touch the button to hear someone else talk to you.

However, what really happens is your brain is confused bc you have your music/podcast playing in the background while the outside voice plays over top of it. Additionally, when you try to talk in this mode it will amplify your own voice back to your ears. The fact that it doesn’t pause your content is dumb bc if you are listening to a podcast or book, you want it paused so you don’t miss anything to talk to someone else, so you have to rewind.

Overall: I like them for yard work because they are light, stay cool, dry fast, and stay on my head, with decent sound quality. However, if you want to actually talk to someone, you will still need to do the traditional pause and take one side off your ears to hear/have a conversation.