Jensen Headshox Metal Headphones – 2 Pack Woot Info Post is a bag of crap

Jensen Headshox Metal Headphones – 2 Pack [New] - $9.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Jensen Headshox Metal Headphones

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how’s the sound compared to Bose headphones?

Will these “metal” headphones enhance the sound of my heavy metal music, or something?

Do these have noise isolation?

My daughter will LOVE LOVE LOVE these pink ones! Plus, I’ll hide the second pair, so when she loses the first one, I can give her the other to replace them.

The quality of these is meh. I use them for disposable headphones. I lose A LOT of headphones and they work to fill my void…

Does anyone really need and/or not have enough headphones, ear buds, etc… around the house at this point?!?

In for a set. The replacement covers for my Sony headphones cost around this much for one set as it stands.

Here’s one good review I found on Buzzillions.

This is about what they cost online. You can find them For around $7-15 + Shipping depending on where you look.

Probably a good deal for the disposable headphone use.

Anyone had experience with the sound quality or comfort on these Are we talking about the same as the cheapie Gels or skull candies?

Average price seems to be about 13 bucks for one set… Good deal I suppose

Pretty sure Jensen is the same shoddy quality as Coby, Koss, GPX, etc.

Goodbye hearing!
Earbuds of any kind are not that great for preserving your upper registery heading. A good set of headphones are far better, even if they make you look like a nerd.

Better headphones on sellout:

Koss has a few good phones, their portapros are good as well as a few other cheapies that are actually way better than they let on.

With 4 kids from 6 to 16 we consume headphones. They should work great for keeping the little ones happy for a while. The teens of course expect higher quality…that THEY pay for.

What does it mean when it says “metal”? Are they made of metal, or they have metal wires, or they will only play metal music?

These will go with our new 8GB Sansa Clips from last week. Thanks Woot!