JLab J4M Rugged Metal Earphones w/ Mic

32.88 with 3.5 star average over at the zon

So how are you guys liking the $5 shipping per each item on woot off??!?

At least that stop me from buying extra crap I dont need just to save that extra $5 for shipping!

It is totally cool as long as I don’t buy anything else tonight…

Excellent sound, especially bass, and much better than the Klipsch I purchased earlier on Woot. These have a large orifice, and are not highly directional like with the pinhole-sized Klipsch.

Wind does not transmit through wires nearly as much as regular, skinny-wired earphones.

Pretty much the same as before the site redesign.

Hate it, but I can understand it. What I really hate is the extra step to check-out. Probably won’t be hanging around this woot-off, even though I bought about 6 things in the last one.

It was like this in the beginning. I really don’t understand why people are crying about it. Either you suck it up and pay the extra $5 on the crap that’s typically WAY under-priced to begin with, or you pass on it, then ■■■■■ about how you didn’t get that ‘cool piece of crap’ just a few minutes ago.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll save a fortune not buying stuff just because shipping is free. Woot really shot themselves in the foot with that decision. Then again, ordering multiples of the same item often ships separately, so they lost money there as well.

Figures, a Woot Off and I have $5 in my checking account… I am sporting an upside down smile right now.

You can pay for shipping on a $0 item.

So-so 3/5 stars acording to this review. Well-built but stiff wiring makes proper fitting difficult. Sound is okay. Case is ugly.

Pretty sure woot has sold stuff for a penny before. First thing to come to mind are those tron posters

Er, I’m complaining because I didn’t have to pay sales tax 3 years ago. Now…

  1. I have to pay sales tax
  2. Coupon code “TAXSUCKS” no lobnger works (without warning)
  3. And no more combined shipping for $5.

So yeah, I’m definitely going to buy less.

Never assume a coupon code will work which, btw, if you live in TX or WA… suck it up. That’s like when I move to Seattle, I fully expect my Amazon purchase to cost me crazy $$