Joinhere Electric Spin Scrubber

Joinhere Electric Spin Scrubber

I hope this works on baseboards.

Since you sort of asked - I was using mine on the baseboards the other day. The cone shaped scrubber quickly lost the bristles in the second tier down from the pointy ones at the end - so it looked like this:


I thought it was pretty jumpy to hold and have it scrub, at the same time (could very well be user error). It is fairly lightweight, easy to put the scrubbers on and off and to charge. I think with some practice it will be easier for me (could things to keep in mind - I am taller than most and I have nerve damage in my hand/wrist - so those variables could be a big factor).

I think it was worth the purchase

Pro baseboard tip: once cleaned, wipe them with dryer sheets - this will result in the dirt not sticking to them and falling to the floor instead for easy sweeping/vacuuming

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Thank you!

Some of mine need to be painted but I’d like to attempt to get most of the dirt off first. My dad sealed them with caulking and everything has stuck to that and I’ve just not had time to get them painted. It never ends.

You are welcome.

I know exactly what you are saying - I always have a never ending list of things that need to get done. I have just gotten to the point of doing what I can, when I can, for as long as I can - stressing over things just zaps me of energy

Please let me know your thoughts after you have tried it out

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