Juslyn Vineyard 1999 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley - 1.5 L

It looks like this fruit came from Andy Beckstoffer. Not a bad thing…

Im with you, not very impressed with the previous offer.

For whatever it’s worth, the wife and I spent several hundred yesterday on our trip back from Mendocino and I still lurk here all the time!

This deal is very tempting. Magnums tend to age more gracefully than the 750ml’s.

An 11 year old magnum of good Napa cab for $100 is a good deal. I wish I weren’t so tapped out.

You can fight off bigger drunks with it.

Now that’s self control right there! I have a Scott Harvey Inzinerator magnum that I’m having trouble not seeing as a personal challenge to conquer the whole thing in 1 sitting! :slight_smile:

The magnum has a higher ratio of wine:air and thus ages more slowly and apparently “better” although I have way too limited experience to comment on that.

Oh, I wish I could. I really do. I’m not sure that I like anyone enough to bring this to a party, though. =X

In for one, why not.

Last wooter to woot: hogfatt

ugh thats discouraging. i was looking forward to breakin into mine.
will maybe pass on this fella. im still pissed i missed the corison today.

The greater liquid volume makes the wine less prone to temperature variation because the liquid itself acts as a buffer. Some would argue this results in more consistent and reliable aging as well.

Sage advice indeed.

Seriously? Everyone wants a discount. If you have $100 to spend on wine, you want a $200 bottle for that price. Who wants to pay full price for wine these days?

You sir, are an angel.

Don’t fret, I was very impressed with the last offer.

Excessive drinking alone in front of the kinder is not the example I want to set, and SWMBO “helps” me in my resolve. A glass a day seems responsible, and I can find lots of studies about the benefits of drinking red wine…

Gifted the Corison. It was more than I’m willing to spend on myself.

Wanted the Ty Caton red for me, but just missed it :(.

I have 2 of those bad boys … I’ll see your magnum and say that I’ll drink … Oh … Wait …

In for 1

Ty isnt bad, I popped one a couple weeks ago and it was a fruit bomb with nice finish

“Community average: 750ml @ $55.33; 1.5L @ $119.99)”

Could be a better deal…