JVC 37” Full HD 1080p LCD TV

Here is the user manual for this tv

430 dollars NEW at amazon Streaky reviews.

I received this TV as a birthday present this year, and while it doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, it is an amazing TV. The biggest thing you’ll notice is the sound that it produces. This is the best sounding HDTV I have ever owned right out of the box. (Obviously you’ll want to beef up the audio depending on what you plan to do with it.)

The other thing I noticed was that I plugged in my DVD player to the RCA Video/Audio in and was blown away by the picture it produced from the analog signal. The DVD player is not an up-converting one, but you would have thought it was…

It is only 60hz, but I haven’t noticed anything while playing my PS3 on it.

My main gripe with this TV is that the auto brightness feature is really sensitive, so putting it in a room where the brightness constantly changes makes the TV’s brightness change right along with it - and it’s noticeable, which just distracts from watching TV in general sometimes. (I do believe you can turn this option off in the menu though.)

Other than that, a great TV - and I know my GF unit paid at least $100 more than this new, so good deal too. (I peeked at the price at Costco where she got it - hey I need to know how much the day of my birth is worth to her, right?)

discontinued at newegg.com but great reviews!


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I have the 32" model which is almost the same. Super picture and sound. Have had it for almost a year. No problems. My friends think it almost looks like 3D, and at times it does. Watching the Olympics on it was a great experience. This looks like a good price; if you’re in the market I’d think seriously about it.

Only 2 hdmi ports, should that be a deal breaker for a bedroom TV? I prefer at least 3. Not sure if we need 3 for a 18 x 18 br. Any additional info from those that have owned JVC LCD TV`s would be helpful. Please don’t send me to another site, I prefer dealing w/ Woot. If this isn’t good for the buck, another will be. :slight_smile:

Thank you and the other posted that went into great depth. My #1 priority is the picture. Replacing a 32" Toshiba with a fair picture from last December. Thanks you 2! :slight_smile:

I bought this same set 4 months ago on sellout Woot for $5 less.
I am totally happy with it.
However, even though it has a USB port, it won’t read a flash drive.
But the larger versions will.

I just bought the 32" version of this set from Costco for $249, so for an extra few bucks to get an extra few inches, this is a good deal. The picture is excellent with HD sources and better than average for standard def. (some HD sets don’t play well with standard def, but this one does). The sound is great at 10 watts per speaker. No distortion even when played loud. I don’t have a sound system in the room where I keep it or a sound bar, so the good sound is important. It did take some fiddling with the settings to get the picture where I wanted it, but that’s true of every set I’ve ever owned. Now that I have the picture the way I prefer it, it looks great. I was watching a PBS special on a high-def channel just tonight that played a scene from “Sound of Music,” and it looked amazing, like seeing a good print in a movie theater. I’m very happy that I bought my JVC, especially at the price.

I’ve been waiting for this to come back around since it sold out mid-afternoon on Sellout.Woot back in April.

It was $5 or $10 cheaper then, but I guess it’s more this time since it sold out last time – even though it’s 4 months older now.

I’ve also been waiting for a good deal on a 42" Panasonic plasma (not on Woot), but that’s looking less likely for various reasons. So this is it.

Bunch (7) of troubling reviews on amazon, http://www.amazon.com/JVC-JLC37BC3000-37-Inch-1080p-LCD/dp/B0056VNB3Q/

Seems that there is non-negligible chance that 3-4 months after purchase the TV may simply die. The problem with this refurb is it has 3-mo warranty only, so if bought you will be taking chances

Thank you… that sealed the deal… I will pass… though I’ve been “looking” for a TV to fill my 36" wide bedroom cabinet for a couple of years now… this seemed perfect, at first glance…

I also got this from the previous sellout.woot offer. My g/f used it for 2-3 weeks then the sound (apparently) stopped working. I went to her place and checked it out, could not get the sound working. Took it home and hooked it up here and it’s been working great for months. Never did figure out what was up with the sound but it’s now my main TV since a 42" Olevia bit the dust.

Definitely a noticeable difference between 37" and 42" but it’s still a nice TV and weighs less than 30 lbs instead of more than 120 lbs like my old one!

If you require more HDMI ports for any TV - not just this one, you are better off buying your desired TV and purchasing an HDMI switch. That way you can plug everything you want even with just a single HDMI port. The link below even has intelligent switch - to automatically switch which HDMI based on what is being used.

You can find HDMI switches cheaper or even on sale for about $10. Hope this helps!

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We needed a replacement for our 37" Westinghouse (which was great until I blowed it up with a home electrical wiring glitch) so purchased this on a previous Woot. Agreed that the sound is quite impressive. It does seem to be quite light (as in not heavy)as well. It’s been a great TV so far. No problems or complaints.

This isn’t a Vizio, this is a beautiful looking and sounding JVC.
I have this exact TV that I bought new last Dec for $433 from Buy.com. It’s perfect for my bedroom as a gaming PC monitor & XBMC watcher.
I’m buying another one for my work PC!

Ok. So who’s wife is majorly pissed off because you used that picture of her making that face live in your website?

So, Woot Staff - every so often when there’s a refurb-type item, you actually tell us what the refurb is about! (Like when I got my Wolfgang Puck coffee maker, and you told all us brave souls that it had a new lid that wouldn’t leak).

Any chance you could fill us in on the refurb work that’s been done on these TVs? Like, for instance, are they claiming to have taken care of the mysterious “suddenly stops working showing only JVC logo” problem? Thanks!