JVC MiniDV Camcorder with 34x Optical Zoom and Dual Recording

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Refurbished JVC MiniDV Camcorder with 34x Optical Zoom and Dual Recording, for $129.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x JVC GR-D770 MiniDV 34x Optical/800x Digital Zoom Camcorder

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looks like good deal

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JVC MiniDV Camcorder with 34x Optical Zoom and Dual Recording
$129.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product: 1 JVC GR-D770 MiniDV 34x Optical/800x Digital Zoom Camcorder

How does this compare? And how big of an SD Card is needed for 120min of recording?

Any Good? I was considering the MG-330 with the Hard Drive, but this is 3 times less.

Reviews on Amazon look decent :slight_smile:

4 stars from the Buzzillions reviewers…

anyone know if this has a microphone in jack?

yesterday we had two for tuesday.

Also, I’m sad that cameras are so common place nowadays. Seems like any shmuch can buy a handheld and post some terrible footage on youtube.

damn you woot.

A refurb camcorder sounds like a terrible combination–too many things, be it sound, color, picture, etc. could go wrong…

This thing is misleading…

I own this camera and i have owned it for over a year now.

It says dual recording options, however it does not stipulate one important thing. The dual is not dual at all. When you snap a picture it goes to the SD card, but you can not ever record video to the SD card. That is something not mentioned at all here or anywhere.

So remember
Tape = Video
SC = Stills

The one cool thing is you can snap a shot while recording video and it does not hurt the video at all, just creates what id call a instant screen shot.

Can someone talk about this product??? Im considering buying it. I think everyone knows by now that today is Wednesday! Now…who has one of these things and do you like it?

SD Card is for Stills
Tape is for Video

Video can not be recorded to SD

does this record to a tape a card or what?

first woot, what a hoot, not much loot, give me the boot

Does this have an external input for outside lenses and audio? I want to hook up a bulletcam.

Most Camcorders are going HD nowadays. In a few years these will become antiquated, so don’t buy these if you’re a pack-rat [like me] who wants to preserve old footage in the best possible quality.

Please stop reminding us what day it is.

I bought a similar (Cannon ZR830) camcorder from Woot a awhile back, it works great. The Canon doesn’t have a light and there is no way to attach filters or additional lenses, but it does have a built in lens cover. Aside from the slight tape noise pickup when filming quiet scenes it works very well (for standard definition, not HD). I would assume that this camera would perform similarly.

I already have a miniDV cam… love it!

It records to miniDV tape or SD card

miniDV is still a good medium despite what your $500+ HD drive camcorders would have you believe