Kai Shun 18”x12” Hinoki Cutting Board

Woot killah.

Seriously? $60 for a chunk of wood?

I love these… not.

Yay, $60 pieces of wood.

seriously?? 60 bones for a hunk of wood?

I have been waiting for a cutting board! But not a $60 cutting board :frowning:

I was about to say that I need some Shun knives to show up so I can get some sleep, but this is about just as good, unless there is only 1. (I do love my Shun knives though, and this cutting board is almost tempting)

I’m literally getting dressed for work…while sitting at the computer on woot.


but do you have rare Japanese trees growing in your yard?

This would make a great gift!

…for someone

Don’t forget to put your pants on.

Oh puhleeeeez! Kai is exploiting those rich (and silly) enough to buy their knives. While an argument can be made for the superiority of their knives, there is nothing superior about this board over ordinary cutting boards. A board’s function is to provide a soft surface to support the food but not dull the knives. Most woods and soft plastics can do that. A “pleasant lemon scent” does nothing to help with the task and may, in fact, add a weird flavor to your food.


$60 plank of wood? Are you kidding me?

Oh no… Is that a $0.59 piece of wood for $59?! If you buy it, I love you.

120$+ elsewhere
if you care

holy crap good looking out! But first I have to take my shoes back off. grrr

Wow. Tell us how you really feel. :slight_smile:

be cheaper to just cut your meat on the tree stump in the backyard