Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring

Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring

Ok. I hate connecting things to my wifi.

So I bought this to work with Alexa. All I did was plug it in and she knew!! I didn’t have to do squat to get it to work.

5 stars.


I have a wide range of iOT device manufactures in my house, and Kasa is solid for sure. But I recently needed a bunch of new plugs. I didn’t even realize it until I put two into service recently, but these ones also monitor energy usage and work out to $7.25/ea for the 4 pack.

If you need that many, otherwise their 2pack is only $1 less/each than this Kasa deal.

One wonders whether the recent (the week prior to Thanksgiving) mother Amazon promo for this excellent and solidly reliable TP-Link Kasa KP115 smart plug still works?

That promo required you voice-order it on your Echo Device and was priced at $3.49. Worked for me that week.

Amazon Alexa Deals for Black Friday had this at a special for $1. I pick it up along with a Sengled Multi-colored led light bulb also for $1. Received both on Saturday. Both working fine.

That’s only offered to a limited few. I was not one of them.

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I was not “offered” it either. I only found out about the deal via one of the deal sites. But the $3.49 deal worked great.

And there were no surprises - was easy to see the order went thru @ $3.49 so I could have cancelled if the deal price did not show up on the order.

I bought a couple of these earlier this year and they work great. I was able to run a small window AC on one of them without any problems. It’s nice being able to monitor how much energy they use.


I ordered 4 Kasa smart plugs with energy monitoring (in a single order, quantity 4) on Tuesday Nov 30th, 12:22pm.

One of the plugs shipped by USPS:

November 30 1:39pm picked up by shipping partner (amazon)

It was delivered on Sunday, December 5th 4:05pm

The other three plugs shipped by UPS:

Label created 12/05/2021 10:33am
On the way 12/06/2021 09:13am Hodgkins IL.

They’re due on Thursday December 9th by 9:00pm

What’s up with that? Are Woot using purchases of more than one item to
perform internal QA testing on their supply chain?

Why not all 4 in one package? Or two plus two. Makes no sense…

They’re probably shipping from different warehouses. These sold pretty fast so maybe you got the last one from warehouse A and they filled the rest from warehouse B. They can’t give you all 4 from warehouse B because then they couldn’t split your order to ensure you get the maximum amount of packaging possible.


Why does it matter if you get what you ordered?

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