Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring

Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring

I love these since they work with Smarthings.

If you don’t care about the energy monitoring Amazon has them for 2 for $15 and 3 for $21.



these are a better deal w/ monitoring, i use em


It is a good product.


Nice to see you’re using AmazonSmile.

I’d encourage everyone to switch to the Smile app. Same prices and features but you pick one charity from a list of thousands to receive a small percentage of each purchase. The local rescue pet-related charity I selected has received over $14K in donations so far. And it comes out of Bezos’ pocket.

Tax The Rich Amazon GIF by Creative Courage


I remember when I had to pay $60 each for Wemo Insight switches. Now energy monitoring smart plugs are so much cheaper, just a few years later.

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Jeff Bezos is no longer the CEO of Amazon. His only affiliation to the company is as a member of the board of directors, which means he gets paid to show up on a conference call once a quarter. Rich people sit on lots of boards, that doesn’t give them any say in the day-to-day operations of the business, nor any special ownership interest in the business. Saying that Amazon Smile donations come from Jeff’s pocket is like recommending people switch to Bing to support Bill Gates, who stepped down as CEO in 2000. Time to internalize that Bezos is no longer at Amazon.

P.S. My AmazonSmile charity is the Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Except that Amazon gets a charitable deduction, not you.


Great product. As others have said, this is a terrible price compared to Amazon.

I use 6 of them. Besides being controllable by whatever hub you want (Samsung, Amazon Echo, Google, etc), in some parts of the country you can use them with OhmConnect to help reduce your electric energy bill. “Ohm Hours” are hours of high system demand predicted a day before so you can plan.
The more you reduce usage during that hour, the more money you earn. For your high-usage appliances (refrigerators) and lights, these Kasa switches can be automatically turned off for you for each OhmHour so you can earn even if you aren’t home.

Here’s a referral link to check it out. If you sign up, you will get two of these plugs and $25, or a smart thermostat. to start. Full disclosure, I will get a referral bonus of $50.


That seems fair since they are the one making the donation, not you.

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I don’t think those are the ones with energy monitoring.

These are Tuya plugs, part of the SmartLife ecosystem. If you care about privacy, I’d caution against these. If you’re good at firmware flashing, then these would be a good option.

Tuya is the Chinese IoT ecosystem. They are what IoT should be here in the US, but still based out in China and covered under Chinese government law. You can flash many of their devices with tuya-convert and create a local-only ecosystem with their plugs, but make sure they support flashing first: Tasmota Device Templates Repository - Templates for Tasmota

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I like the Kasa ecosystem

They finally have slim energy monitoring, I have some of the old ones and they’re huge

Could I use this to monitor how much energy it takes to charge my plugin electric car at night? I’m currently using a standard wall outlet (so slow charging), but I don’t know if a system like this would interfere or slow down charging more.

No need to use any app to use Smile. Once you’ve chosen the charity of your choice (the politically correct list limits choices) in your Amazon account, you can use Smile with web (no app) purchases.

  • When you log into a fresh page/tab, it should default to Smile.
  • If you get to a product via a link or Smile does not show up on your page (it is obvious since it shows it in the top right corner and the tab color is also different), simply drag-select the first part of the web link at the top of your browser (the “https://www/” part) and type “smile.” (smile dot) The page will reload as a Smile page.

Note: since Smile only generates a tiny donation, do not abandon your normal donations to charities! As others noted, this is Amazon donating on your behalf, not you… the price you pay for the products is unchanged.

The tiny Smile donation is the reason you’ll rarely see charities promoting that their donors sign up - the charities are likely to see reduced total donations as donors feel they’re “off the hook” now that they’ve started “Smile”. Same thing for Kroger charity of your choice program.

Me thinks they said/acknowledged that.

His unimaginable wealth is tied to the stock price of Amazon.

The OP recommending using Amazon smile is unrelated to the need to tax Jeff Bezos.

Bought some of their base model plugs a couple years ago and they work very well. For me, the only issue is that they will lose WiFi contact once in a while, but you just have to unplug and replug them and they work again. Might buy some today, especially with the 10% off coupon.

This is a great deal if you have a Sense Energy Monitor!

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