Kelty Outdoor Essentials

I’m a pretty petite woman (5 foot 1, 110ish) would I fit in one of those sleeping bags?

Also, I’ve been wanting to get a “bug out bag” for awhile and the Keltys keep popping up. Could ayone please provide me with suggestions on a bug out bag for someone of my stature?

Just for reference, the coyote is the small/medium variant.

Backpacks are based primarily off of your torso length, so start there. Based on your height, you probably have a torso of 14 or 15 inches, but it varies between people.

Check out this vid for help:

Next you need to decide on storage space, for that (depending on what all you want) it’s probably going to be 60+ liters.

This makes a good example:

68L Capacity
14-16" torso length

I’m not advocating that product at all, as I don’t have any experience with Gregory packs, but that is, in general, the kind of bag you’ll want to look for.


Also, to answer your other question, you should fit fine into the sleeping bags. I don’t know the usefulness of hot pink in a bug-out, but the bag itself should be fine. It says in the specs it fits up to 5’4".

I grabbed the Kelty Redstart pack this summer as a bookbag because I was tired to destroying bags with all of the books I carry around. At 5’6" I like how it sits on my frame, and the straps make it completely adjustable in seconds, which can be a good or a bad thing. It has lived up to substantial abuse and has worked well as a pack on short trips, the thick straps and sternum strap make distributing the weight very easy on the body. Really it depends on what you consider essential in your bug out bag. I love to put snacks in the stuff it pouch and with my liter hydration pack in I can carry both my boyfriend’s and my day hike supplies without getting tired.