KeySmart Pro, Key Organizer with Tile Smart Location

The problem here is that the hand held device in NOT that compact and makes it hard to remember just where it is currently residing. In other words, it must fit inside a pocket, and not clipped to the belt. I use a retractable key chain, with my keys on a ring, and when I need to use one, I simply go to my belt and pull down and then out on the cord. Then I can use my key at arm’s length. I’ve never had a problem losing my keys.

My suggestion would be for you to get a retractable key chain, and engineer it so as to also be electronic, and not any larger than the existing key chain. You will have a HUGE best seller. Even I would be willing to set aside my trusty key retractor for something like that.

i’ve had my KeySmart since Christmas. I absolutely love it. It’s slim, fit my keys perfectly, and keeps everything compact. The only thing i have attached to it is my keyless entry key fob for my car. it makes my pockets much less cluttered. i love it!

I just ordered this Key Smart Pro from Woot and love it so far! Great product, slim design for anyone who has a ton of keys. I just ordered some of the accessories from the Key Smart website as a matter of fact. Some of the accessories are great little things that come in handy for day to day use. Like a small pocket knife. A Flash Drive (for someone like myself who works with computers all day, sometimes you just need to take home a few files and not your whole work laptop!).

And the price on Woot is unbeatable compared to the retail price!

Just a quick bit of advice; remember to charge it on a regular basis. There have been times where I’ve gone to locate my keys but the battery was dead. It lasts a pretty long time though–certainly better than the normal tiles that can’t be recharged.

Thanks for the advice!

Hanging ten keys from your car’s ignition is not a good idea.

please elaborate. why is this a bad idea?

It creates unnecessary wear and tear on the lock by always having weight pulling down on the end of the inserted key.