Kindle Paperwhite (1st Gen) 6" E-Reader

“Includes Special Offers” means it shows you ads, right? If so I feel like that should be made a little more clear.

Correct. That’s what Amazon calls it.

Is there a way to pay to have that removed afterwards?

I’m not staff, and I haven’t asked Amazon, but a search yielded this method for unsubscribing from Special Offers:

I cannot say whether this will or will not apply on an earlier Kindle, so IMHO, it’s better to presume that the special offers will remain on.

Yep, that has the directions to do it. There’s a one-time payment to remove them.

Does this come with the newest updates? Are the batteries new?

Batteries will be tested to ensure that they are adequate for regular use. Some may be replaced in the process, but there’s no way for us to know which Kindles will have new batteries and which will have their originals.

Updates or is it still the original version. Thanks

If your talking about the kindle software, either it has the latest, or will update to it as soon as it’s connected to wifi.

Is this the cheapest they get here? I got some non-Paperwhites for $12 a piece…

It’s the cheapest here today. :slight_smile:

Well I ordered 2 and they arrived a couple of days ago, looking nearly brand new (one small scuff on the bezel of one). No screen issues and both charged up fine and are registered to my account. Can’t say anything about battery life yet, but very satisfied. I can’t tell the difference between these and my wife’s current generation PaperWhite.