KingCamp Sofa Camping Chair

KingCamp Sofa Camping Chair

Walmart has the Extra Large Ozark camp chairs with double cup holder for $15. I own about 10 and never had an issue. They’ve been on sale for a few weeks now. The smaller ones are like $8. Much better deal.

@ [stv6669]
Yes, they have A camp chair on clearance for about $15. But it is the standard square shape all mesh and no padding.

But their “Moon Chair” is $25 and NOT padded. The padded version with a similar cup holder is $49 - So theirs is not less expensive if we go apples to apples, instead of apples to grapes…

I fully understand the gimmick behind these chairs and the fact that there are tons at this price range and less offering the same quality. As someone with C5 C6 spinal disc issues, I’ve tried them. They are not at all ergonomic. The Ozark chairs are much better design and hold up a ton better for me. Like I said, I own 10 and I go camping and fishing constantly. I put these chairs through some serious hell and they hold up. This one here is a gimmick. You do you, I am offering options that are better and half the cost and easily accessible all around the country locally.

Though the cupholders on these are great if you like spider crawling in your beer while camping.