Klipsch Quintet 5-Piece Speaker System

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Klipsch Quintet 5-Piece Speaker System
$199.99 + $5 Standard OR $21 Two-Day OR $24 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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No subwoofer?

Every home theater needs a subwoofer.

Well, it does say in the features: “just add a Klipsch subwoofer to complete theater system”.

Guess they agree with you.

Price is certainly right. Lack of a subwoofer seems to be the only legit kick against this outfit in the reviews I’ve read. At least the Woot product description
mentions that right up front.

(Sorry TT. There’s an echo in here, and I think it’s me.)

Ordered one of these when they were available from Amazon/Woot last week. Installed this weekend and I think the sound is awesome. Paired it with a $180 Polk sub and didnt spend the extra $150 on the Klipsch sub. All in all, we have more sound than our giant cathedral ceiling room can handle.

I’m confused, so this doesn’t need a 5.1 receiver to work?

I have never dealt with this brand, however several online reviews seem to indicate that the quality is as good as bose (some say better) for a fraction of the cost. Seems like a good deal to me.

hmmm. wondering if these would sound better than my sony speakers.

Sony SS-B1000 (x4 left/right/surround)
Sony SS-CN5000 (center)

Oh wow… I just got this last week on goldbox to replace my hodgepodge JBL speakers with giant towers in the front.

So far rock solid. The center channel is way smaller than my JBL, but the sound is pretty comparable. Not sure i can tell the difference after swapping them in and out.

Extremely efficient speakers…doesn’t take a ton of power to drive them !

Great deal for this set. Once paired with a decent sub, the audio quality is up there with Bose, but far, far cheaper. I’ve never once been disappointed with Klipsch speakers. Definitely an underrated brand.

These speakers would need to be paired with some type of receiver. A 5.1 receiver is 5 speakers plus one sub. The 5 refers to the number of speakers, the .1 refers to the sub.

Does this come with a sub woofer? and is it mac compatible?

Great speaker set for the money. I can’t recommend them enough. Full range and clear sound at all volume levels!

I guess these are the 4th generation, currently $270 at Amazon and $600 directly from Klipsch.

Read the description / see pics… no sub, 5.0 speaker system only.

And you ask about Mac compatibility? Get real, this isn’t for your computer system, this is a home theater speaker system.

I’ve sold these or an extremely similar set all the time when I used to work at Best Buy. They sound absolutely fantastic. They also don’t use that much power like someone else said.
I know you can probably read it in the “what’s-in-the-box” section, but let me be clear… this does NOT come with a sub. The 5 speakers have always sold separately from a sub, unless we had a deal on getting the 5 plus the 10 or 12 inch Klipsch sub, along with a Yamaha or HK Receiver.
That being said, you MUST have a receiver and speaker wire to use these. These are home theater speakers, generally used for a surround sound system, NOT specifically for a computer. Therefore, they aren’t specifically for any type of computer.
Most people that get home theater systems get what’s called HTIB, or a Home Theater In a Box. I assure you, these speakers blow practically ANY HTIB speaker set out of the water.

Ok so, this unit does not have a sub and no receiver. Would I be better off getting a Yamaha YHT series home theater system or something like Energy Take classic complete system for around $400, rather than getting a different brand sub or a receiver with these speakers??? The systems I mention above all got high flyin reviews at consumer reports and cnet. I do not like the idea of pairing speakers with sub and receivers of different companies.

Edit:: I beleive Energy is by Klipsch and not sure whether it has a receiver with it. But still Yamaha better choice with receiver?

If you have the room, which seeing as how you already own them you do, stick with the sony’s. One thing that is hard to duplicate with small speakers is the full sound of a larger speaker. The sonys are real good bang for your buck speakers, and outside of a possible gain in higher frequency volume (due to the type of tweeters klipsch uses) I do not think you would see any benefit, or possibly a degradation in the sound quality from your sony’s. These klipsch rely on the subwoofer you will choose to handle a big portion of the upper bass sound/lower midrange sound. Check the specs, frequency range only reaches to 125hz, where as you need about 80hz before you should cutoff and then direct sound to the sub. Small speakers sets require the sub to make up that difference, hence why most come with a small sub. Your sony’s require a sub for home theater setup too, they just don;t need it to fill in the sounds they should be making, such as a low voice from a man. Short story long, stick with your sony’s.